RGIE/AREI and elec calc™ – Adjustments for charging stations

RGIE/AREI and elec calc™ - Adjustments for charging stations

Quick reminder about RGIE/AREI

The General Regulation for Electrical Installations, Règlement Géneral sur les Installations Électriques (RGIE) in French and Algemeen Reglement op de Elektrische Installatie (AREI) in Dutch, is the standard that regulates electrical installations in Belgium. It concerns electrical installations in households and also in industries. The RGIE/AREI consists of three separate books:

  • Book 1 – Low voltage and very low voltage electrical installations
  • Book 2 – High voltage electrical installations
  • Book 3 – Installations for electrical power transport and distribution

What does that change in elec calc™?

The new version of elec calc™ is not only marked by the integration of new features but also by normative evolutions concerning the RGIE/AREI. The royal decree of 10 July 2022, published on 16 August 2022, brings indeed some new adjustments to the paragraph 7.22 “Supplying of electric road vehicles”, especially to the electrotechnical controls regarding the type of differential protection device. It is now possible to apply this new royal decree in elec calc™ for every low voltage electrical installation whose commissioning is planned after 1 November 2022.