new version archelios PRO

archelios™ PRO, new version : serving self-consumption and performance

Trace Software is pleased to announces the release of the latest version of the archelios™ PRO photovoltaic software application.  

After focusing on 3D modelling of the environment, this latest version offers users innovative features related to self-consumption, including the import and modification of consumption profiles in any format, and the definition of pricing profiles. These features make photovoltaic studies faster and more accurate.

The consumption profile manager – Facilitating data entry and improving the accuracy of self-consumption calculations

The consumption profile manager is one of archelios™ PRO’s flagship new features. This functionality provides an answer to users’ problems in managing multiple consumption data formats in each of their projects. Electricity consumption can therefore be entered precisely and the photovoltaic installation can be sized optimally.

If you have a consumption statement, you can now simply import it, whatever its format.

If you don’t have a consumption statement, you can now create a consumption profile very easily:

  • Choice of profiles from over thirty generic profiles provided by electricity distributors

  • Choice of profiles by type of electrical appliance

  • Create new profiles


The configurator interface has been completely redesigned to enable users to enter consumption data intuitively by period, day and hour.

And for even greater flexibility and accuracy, all consumption profiles can now be entered on a monthly basis.

For greater flexibility, a number of ergonomic improvements have been made, such as the redesigned entry of partial imports, the ability to export a personalised profile and the choice of export format from archelios™ PRO.

Quick to learn, archelios™ PRO provides installers, design offices or sales teams with a complete project to facilitate decision-making, particularly with funding bodies.

The tariff profile generator – Speed up data entry for greater productivity

To take things one step further, the economic value of the energy produced is a major factor in the design of a photovoltaic project. The tariff profile generator makes it easy to manage complex tariffs, particularly multiple periods.

typical rate profile

Illustrating the PDF report

The PDF report is a very important element for users wishing to communicate about their photovoltaic project. Users can now capture different illustrations of their project (map view, 3D views, file import) and organise them in the report.

project illustrations

Other new features include

  • Addition of filters on voltage and connection type in the inverter configuration

  • Default weather database updated (MeteoNorm 8.1)

  • Automatic import of 3E weather data added

  • Revit® plugin compatibility up to version 2024

  • Monthly irradiation displayed in any plane

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