electric vehicles (EVs): How to manage the modeling of the charging terminals?

EV charging terminal

In the context of global warming, the electric vehicle (EV) appears to be one of the major solutions to reduce the negative impact of gas emissions. All new buildings must now be equipped with EVs charging systems ranging from a few kVA to several dozen kVA. This conditions the charging time according to the expected use.

Controlling the safety of EVs facilities

The EV chargers require a significant amount of energy during potentially long periods of use that are repeated daily. This can lead to risks of heating the installation if the equipment is not adapted. In the case of an existing electrical installation, controlling safety is therefore crucial. For each charging point, a dedicated circuit must be created and protected by a circuit breaker and a differential current protection device.

The applicable standards are constantly evolving to adapt to the growth of this new need. The reference standards are provided by IEC 60364-7-722.

Modeling and sizing EVs charging systems with elec calc™

elec calc™ is dedicated to the calculation and sizing of HV-LV electrical installations. It enables the modeling and dimensioning of any type of electrical installation and in particular the integration of EV charging stations from a specific component. The normative controls specific to this equipment are carried out according to the references listed in the standards, and particularly for the verification of upstream differential protection type, to ensure the protection of Persons and Property.

elec calc™ diagram with EVs charging system circuits

elec calc™ provides a catalog applicable to all components. All you need to do is select a manufacturer’s reference to retrieve all the technical characteristics required to carry out the normative controls.

Thus, by modeling the entire installation and by applying the electrical expansion factors, it is possible to validate the load factor of the source and if necessary continue with load shedding simulations thanks to the operating mode.

At the end of the study, elec calc™ delivers a report and also the schematic of the installation.

Report : Detailed data

Report – Schematic

elec calc™ tutorials – Charging stations for electric vehicles

Written by Jérôme Mullie, Calculation Product Manager.

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