Why using an electrical calculation software instead of a spreadsheet?

Why using an electrical calculation software instead of a spreadsheet?

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Nowadays, it is common to find companies using specific software for accounting, CRM, payroll and even staff holiday planning. However, it is also common in the case of companies in the electricity sector that, even when using different tools for ancillary services, the main task of electrical calculations is still performed using manual tools and non-specific customised software (e.g. Microsoft Excel). This article shows the reasons why specific software ensures that the work is optimised.

Speed and Quality

Any calculation tool needs to be developed and verified before using it. In case of a specific tool, this work does not need to be done by user, so, this work absence, joined to the fact that behind the tool there is a complete development team looking for the maximum application efficiency, will provide reliable results in a very fast way.

Global focus

A non-specific software is normally developed by and for own user, individualizing the tool and making the use by a third user difficult. A specific tool is focused on any user has same management knowledge to guarantee successful interchange and continuity of projects.

Complex calculation

A specific tool provides solutions in case of calculations are not easy, for example in case of need of impedance calculations, iterative calculations or simultaneous calculations of different values or scenarios.

Optimized calculations

Calculation precision and algorithms of a dedicated tool guarantee that results will be optimized according to minimum required values, without unnecessary oversizing, helping to optimize then the budgets due to material choice, guaranteeing a fast return of tool investment.

Graphic interface

Electrical calculation tools centralize work over the single line diagram design instead of only numeric data, so calculation is done in a more intuitive way.

Manufacturer catalogues

Specific software include manufacturer reference catalogues in their database, so that it is easier to use the appropriate settings for each case.


The range of reports of a specific tool is very wide and compatible with third tools, like CAD software for single line diagrams. Additionally, generation of these reports is practically immediate and easy to configure.


Using an individualized tool will require user to acquire the applicable standards and each update of them, including all costs that it may imply. In case of specific software, the work of implementing and maintaining applicable standards is guaranteed.

Added value

A dedicated tool includes additional services apart from tool itself, such as technical support or updates.

elec calc™ – Electrical calculation software

elec calc™ is a software for advanced multistandard calculations, its ergonomic interface allows user to get a project guaranteeing compliance and optimized results in an easy and efficient way, allowing user to increase its projects volume, independently from its complexity. The wide multi-manufacturer and multicomponent catalogue allows to choose the most appropriate references for each installation. User can include several operating modes inside same project, that are verified and calculated simultaneously. Project can be finished by editing the reports and single-line diagrams through a single click.

Trace Software includes a specialized technical support service formed by high-experience engineers, present to accompany in your projects through ticket system, hotline, technical articles and videos, all of them accessible directly from software itself, guaranteeing accurate answers in the shortest possible time.

elec calc™ – Software overview