elec calc™ version 2021 and launch of elec calc™ GRID software

Trace Software launches the 2021 version of elec calc™ with new components including EVs charging stations, new functionalities for energy network management, evolutions for High Voltage and further optimized ergonomics.

This new version is also a great opportunity to launch the new elec calc™ GRID software which is a major technological revolution to design multisource installations and/or meshed networks.

A real innovation for electrical design !

elec calc™ 2021: even more calculation possibilities.

As every year, elec calc™ is released in a new version in order to offer ever more powerful features to meet the needs and new trends in electrical design.

The new version of elec calc™ integrates new components and unique features designed for greater flexibility and high precision in the design of electrical installations. These evolutions are the result of a continuous improvement approach and a will of extreme electrotechnical rigor.

New features:

  • New features for high voltage management

    • Relay management
    • Homopolar generator
    • Device locking symbols
  • New NEN standard for the Netherlands

  • Ergonomics

    • Navigation in the project
    • More possibilities to customize the display
    • Customization of reports
    • Direct TRC imports
  • New components

    • EVs charging stations
    • Motor starter
  • Automatic choice of manufacturer references

  • Excel import/export

  • Anomaly messages linked to the FAQ

elec calc™ GRID: a revolution in the world in electrical installation calculations

elec calc™ GRID has been designed to meet the sizing needs of multisource and meshed networks, which present new challenges in electrical sizing.

elec calc™ GRID allows the management of both high and low voltage networks in the same interface. Its load flow calculation algorithm supports the definition of power flows for any installation with multiple sources at different levels, and mesh management, whether for balanced or unbalanced networks.

In addition to the powerful calculation algorithms, the software associates electrotechnical performance to normative requirements, while maintaining the ease of use of elec calc™ and its real-time calculation.

elec calc™ GRID main features:

  • Balanced and unbalanced power flows
  • Radial and mesh network
  • Consideration of the phase shift caused by the transformer
  • Consideration of regulators (power controlled sources)
  • Reactive energy compensation
  • Management of various operating modes
  • Checks and verifications of the electrical installation
  • Calculation of voltage drops and power flows
  • Graphical display of flows and consideration of power losses
  • Calculation of three-phase and single-phase networks, AC and DC
  • Constant current and constant impedance load model.

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With elec calc™ and elec calc™ GRID, Trace Software offers ever more powerful solutions to support professionals and meet today’s grid sizing needs, where the challenge is to produce electricity as close to the consumer as possible, especially using renewable energy sources.

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