5 good reasons to use archelios™ PRO photovoltaic software

archelios™ PRO

One of the most popular renewable energy sources is solar energy. The photovoltaic industry is growing very fast, and it is expected that the construction of solar projects will increase over the next few years, not to mention the many companies that have shifted (or re-shifted) their activities to this sector.

As a result, many projects are being built, but once they have been validated, the question arises as to which software to choose. Solutions exist on the market but not all companies or professionals have the same needs, and projects are not standard. That’s why we give you 5 good reasons to use Trace Software’s archelios™ PRO software.

archelios™ PRO is one of the most flexible tools on the market for designing photovoltaic projects, as it adapts to all types of installations, small or large, whether rooftop or ground-mounted, with optimal performance for both residential self-consumption systems and large solar power plants.

archelios™ PRO – A software PV range tailored to your needs

archelios™ PRO offers powerful, innovative, and easy-to-use features that facilitate the design and feasibility study of PV projects. Thanks to the updated database, the software provides a geolocalized 3D mock-up that simulates the environment, and that provides accurate results. It can be used by installers, consultants, developers, architects, investors, and many other professionals in the solar industry.


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Power unlimited

Why using archelios™ PRO?

1. Save time by easily implementing your modules in 3D

Designing the layout of modules can be a long and tedious task if you don’t have the right tool. With the SketchUp plugin, you can model your installation and integrate the modules quickly and easily, and in 3D!

You save time by positioning and duplicating rows of panels with a single click.

3D Layout archelios™ PRO

2. Optimise the yield of your panels with the shading study

For optimal performance of the panels, whether they are installed on the roof or on the ground, it is essential to take into account the shading near the future installation. These shadows can be caused by neighbouring buildings, chimneys, trees or any other element that can cast a shadow, including the panels themselves.

With archelios™ PRO, you can take all these shading sources into account, and get more accurate irradiation results from your PV panels.

3. Design of self-consumption PV installations

With archelios™ PRO it is possible to insert a self-consumption profile thanks to the import of customised device profile, partial or annual consumption profile, integrate batteries, and even add hourly price profiles.

You get a detailed report of the energy and economic balance of the installation.

4. Access a large database of manufacturers

archelios™ PRO contains a large database of photovoltaic components (solar panels, inverters, batteries, etc …). You can insert manufacturer references directly into your project. You can also request the integration of components if they do not yet exist or even create them easily.

You can connect to the BIM&CO database and add PV modules.

5. Benefit from a commercial tool that makes a difference to your customers

Thanks to the customisable reports and the detailed documentation generated , you don’t need any other software to present the PV project to your end customer. archelios™ PRO generates a pdf document with annual irradiation forecasts, annual production forecasts, economic analysis and bankability. The 3D design provides a realistic rendering that will enable your customers to see the rendering and project themselves into their investment.

The application is not only a real PV design tool but also a marketing support that can make the difference in a customer’s decision.

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