elec calc™ and Electric P8 d’Eplan : a powerful combination for electrical design

Bandeau passerelle elec calc Eplan


Electrical design represents a major challenge in many engineering projects. Specialised software has become an indispensable ally for engineers, automating complex tasks and improving the overall efficiency of the design process. In this context, the synergy between elec calc and Eplan’s Electric P8 stands out as a logical continuation, offering a complete solution for electrical design professionals. Users of EPLAN’s Electric P8 software will also be able to automatically generate their schematics from projects created in elec calc™.

Electric P8 from Eplan: electrical CAD

Used mainly in the industrial engineering sector, EPLAN Electric P8 is a CAD software package designed to automate electrical engineering design in industrial engineering and areas like building technologies, energy, maritime and process industry. It supports a wide variety of engineering methods: from manual creation through to standardised and template-based approaches.

The elec calc™ gateway: electrical calculations

The elec calc™ software now has a gateway that allows the synoptic of an electrical installation to be exported to EPLAN Electric P8. Engineers retrieve the distribution architecture and equipment selection made in the elec calc™ project and send them to Electric P8 to automate the schematic design.

Ensuring continuity between calculations and schematics

The interoperability between elec calc™ and Electric P8 is a major asset for electrical professionals. This synergy enables a smooth and efficient workflow, from the initial design to the precise sizing of electrical components. There are several advantages to this gateway:

  • Fluent transfer of data from elec calc™ to Eplan electric P8

    The gateway between elec calc™ and Electric P8 enables data transfer between the two software packages. Engineers can export a synoptic from elec calc™ to Electric P8 to generate the entire schematic For seamless integration into the design process.

  • Save time and reduce the risk of errors

    Automated data transfer significantly reduces the time needed to move from the initial design to the sizing phase. By eliminating repetitive manual data entry, the gateway helps to minimise potential data entry errors, ensuring reliable and accurate electrical design.

  • Data consistency and integrity

    Data consistency between elec calc and Electric P8 is essential to ensure the integrity of the project. The gateway ensures that any changes made in one software package are consistently reflected in the other, avoiding discrepancies that could compromise the quality of the project.

The collaboration between elec calc™ and Eplan’s Electric P8 offers engineers a complete solution, from initial planning to final implementation, while ensuring accuracy and compliance with standards. Increased efficiency, time savings and reduced errors make this combination a compelling option for electrical design professionals looking to optimise their processes and ensure high quality results.