Bifacial solar panels: characteristics and advantages

Bifacial solar panels are one of the newest product trends in the PV industry. In fact, unlike the mono facial cells, bifacial cells are is light sensitive on both sides. In monofacial back surface field solar cell, the rear surface is covered with aluminum.

In bifacial solar cell a finger grid in used, so the sun can reach the rear side. Bifaciality is defined as the ratio of the rear side efficiency to the front side efficiency, measured under standard test conditions (The Physics of Semiconductor Devices, 2017).

Unlike the opaque back sheet that features on the mono facial solar panel, they are made with a transparent back sheet or dual tempered glass. Framed or frameless, bifacial panels are usually made from monocrystalline cells, but polycrystalline can be used as well.


Bifacial solar modules offer some unique advantages over traditional solar panels:

  • Better performance at similar project size, more production at a barely higher installation cost, so LCOE reduces.
  • Optimization for projects on sites with high albedo (deserts with sand, white roofs, gravel …)
  • Synergy between rear-facing exposure and improved ventilation
  • Aesthetic interest (barriers, canopies, pergolas, brise-soleil …)
  • archelios™

    archelios™ is a professional design software, providing an accurate yield simulation and bankability analysis of any photovoltaic project. It is possible to manage the bifacial modules and, in fact, the software already offers a catalog of bifacial modules regularly enriched.

    Also, it contains numerous functions, including:

    a geolocalized 3D mock-up which simulates the environment with a specific pattern layout to define the optimal configuration (height, tilt, orientation, row spacing).
    precise definition of the implantation surfaces albedo
    shadow simulation
    definition of monthly production with hourly profiles

    As the recent Inventory of PV Performance Modeling Software (A subtask within EU COST Action PEARL-PV) concludes, several needs are not fully covered with the existing software. Especially when it comes to the bifaciality.

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