Omexom (Vinci Energies) uses elec calc™ for the design of Omexom industrial sites in the nuclear power plant sector

More than a hundred projects have already been realised with elec calc™, judged simple, complete and more efficient than other calculation software.

Omexom is the brand of the Vinci Energies group dedicated to the design and the maintenance of production infrastructures, transportation, transformation and supply of electricity. The Cherbourg site – OCNP for Omexom Cherbourg Nuclear Projects – gathers 110 persons specialised in automation design for major electrical companies (EDF, Areva, etc.). The electrical service which counts 3 users of elec calc intervenes in the creation of buildings or process buildings with motors. Elec calc™ is used therein since 2007.

Advantage very much appreciated, the selectivity per curves allows to compare dynamically the equipment of the different manufacturers. « It’s an advantage, further this allow to optimize the sizing of cables ». Nicolas Rouelle also indicates: « after an initial training, elec calc™ is very easy to take in hand ».

« The possibility in elec calc™ to calculate one’s installation without choosing any manufacturer’s reference facilitates our work: we can do a pre-sizing of installation, it’s much quicker ».

Other strong point of elec calc™« the fact of place of true notch tunings of the equipment allow from the creation of the diagram to put the good adjustments: before, we had sometimes doubts, we should do researches in the catalogues; now, elec calc avoid us this research and make us time-saving ».

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