Actemium (Vinci Energies) site at Notre Dame de Gravenchon in France

Specialized in controls automation of petrochemical and harbour units, using elec calc since 2006.

Elec calc which is seen as outperforming other competing software in its ability to handle multiple operating modes, it also manages multiple sources more easily in a single project file. Used to produce quotes, it can be more competitive in calculations prior to the detailed project, as results can be as close to reality as possible.

The Actemium site has more than 100 people including 30 electricians, instrumentation and automation experts involved in providing engineering for refineries, in Le Havre harbour and in the chemical sector (Exxon Mobil, Lanxess, Port Autonome du Havre, Sanofi…). Imposed by their customers, elec calc has been used by 4 people since 2006. It was used for example to perform the calculations for a sewage treatment plant or to design the distribution network needed by the cooling units of the containers in the harbour while they were docked and connected to the supply mains.

Yann Le Saout, the engineering office manager, explains: “elec calc is very easy to use, I haven’t received any training”. Elec calc is singled out from other competitive software by its use of operating modes (active and inactive source management, load shedding). “It is very easy to manage multiple modes in one installation as well as several sources”. Another competitive advantagle, “elec calc allows for a prior calculation to optimize cable section and to give close to reality quotations.”

“With elec calc, in the case when there is a normal incoming supply in parallel with a generator in stand-by mode, it is also very easy to foresee the network with source inverters”. For the most part, the installations date back from the 80s. They are managed in multi-standard in elec calc which also allows you to make calculations without any manufacturer reference, particularly in the case of circuit breakers from the 80s, not referenced in the manufacturer database.

“Being able to have real equipment adjustments  in elec calc is very interesting. You can be sure of your setting.”

“The selectivity by curves is also an indispensable tool to compare the selectivity between manufacturers.”

Yann Le Saout

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