New elec calc™ 2024: Optimized calculation score and improved synopsis

New elec calc™ 2024: Optimized calculation score and improved synopsis

Trace Software is pleased to announce the latest innovations developed in the first half of 2024 in the electrical calculation software elec calc™.

elec calc™ is a real-time calculation and sizing software dedicated to high and low voltage electrical installations, according to French and international standards, for industrial, tertiary or EVSE installations. The software has unique advantages that facilitate electrical studies and guarantee the quality of the installations.

In 2024, Trace Software has chosen to upgrade its calculation notes to aid user comprehension and also improve the synoptic for a quick design of your electrical projects.

The calculation note gets a makeover

This document allows readers to easily find all the input data of their project, to understand its architecture and also to highlight the presence of any non-conformities within the project. This report must list the summary of the project’s information, such as parts lists or protection adjustment instructions.

elec calc 2024 - New calculation report

In this new format of the calculation note, it is possible to directly integrate a chapter with the synopsis of your installation:

elec calc 2024 - Synopsis in the calculation report

The color-coded diagram makes it possible to quickly identify objects with anomalies. In green, the component is compliant, in red, it has at least one anomaly. References are directly integrated into the synopsis and by clicking on the component marker, you will be taken directly to the associated checklist.

There are now two circuits per page on the control sheets with the detailed representation of the circuit on the side, and an identical layout for each component. If a non-conformance is present on a component, the value that generates the violation is highlighted in bold, in addition to the non-conformance details.

elec calc 2024 - Error in the calculation report

Finally, there is additional information such as the maximum protected length on the terminal circuits. If this value is exceeded, the magnetic threshold of the upstream protection will be presented as an anomaly.

elec calc 2024 - Maximum protected length on the terminal circuits

Synoptic Optimization

Trace Software has continued to invest in synoptics to further enrich the intelligent drawing functionalities and thus accelerate the design time. It is now possible to switch to an assisted drawing mode to generate your presentations directly from the schema library.

elec calc 2024 - Fast insertion of standard diagram

The Enhanced Manufacturer Catalog

Once again this year, the catalogue has been enriched with new references. Thanks to the work carried out with electrical equipment manufacturers and the direct requests of elec calc™ users, nearly 15,000 new references (circuit breakers, inverters, EVSE terminals, etc.) have been integrated into the multi-manufacturer catalogue of the electrical calculation and sizing software.

The catalogue in a few figures

  • 120 manufacturers

  • 104,713 references

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