Collaboration between Trace Software and CITEL

Photovoltaic installations safety: archelios™ CALC PV software integrates CITEL surge protections

Trace Software International – publisher of software for building industry and energy – and CITEL- leader in the manufacture of electrical grid protection devices – announce their collaboration for the integration of a full range of surge protectors into archelios™ CALC PV software.

Ensure optimal safety for photovoltaic installations

archelios™ CALC is a software for calculating and sizing of photovoltaic installations. The software takes into account an installation in its entirety from the solar panels to the inverter and inverter to the network/ or self-consumption installation. It controls the safety and compliance of the facility according to CEI-60364 (2002).

In this context of safety, archelios™ CALC analyses and takes into account the risks associated with lightning through the sizing of surge protectors.

All these protection systems are now available and accessible in the catalogue of components of archelios™ CALC.

Thanks to CITEL’s proven expertise in protection systems and the computing and verification power of archelios™ CALC, professionals can achieve their design with the guarantee of optimal safety.

Discover the range of surge protections.

About Citel

Since 1937, CITEL has been protecting installations around the world from transient overvoltages that result from switching events and lightning strikes. With a thorough understanding of local standards and regulations, along with continuous investment in R&D, CITEL designs, manufactures and sells millions of SPD’s each year.

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