The comprehensive management of any photovoltaic proyect with archelios™ Suite software

archelios™ suite, the software solution to manage the entirety of a wide range of PV projects such as rooftop photovoltaic installations, large solar power plants, grid-connected PV power or self-consumption systems. The tool includes three main applications- archelios™ Pro, archelios™ Calc, and archelios™ O&M– to help professionals reaching the utmost precision and the greatest performance along with all the phases of the PV project: feasibility study and 3D design, electrical sizing and compliance, execution and PV monitoring.

Since 1987, Trace Software International is providing advanced technological software solutions for the electrical engineering and PV industry

archelios™ Pro

archelios™ Pro is a powerful, innovative and easy-to-use software for feasibility and bankability study, simulation and 3D design of any photovoltaic project. It also allows the management of bifacial modules by providing a catalog regularly updated for their respective management. Thanks to its export function, it is possible to integrate the PV proyect into archelios™ Calc and work on the sizing and calculation of the cable. Besides, it is possible to export your project to AutoCAD (.DXF) and MS Excel (.CSV).

The software has several features:

A geolocated 3D model that simulates the environment with a specific pattern design to define the optimal configuration (height, inclination, orientation, space between rows)

Precise definition of albedo on implantation surfaces.

Automatic calculation of the profile of distant obstacles to avoid shades

Definition of monthly production with hourly profiles

East-west design: modules can be easily duplicated without the need to manually correct the orientation

– Extensive database of photovoltaic elements (modules, inverters, batteries).

archelios™ Calc

archelios™ Calc is a comprehensive software for the calculation, sizing and verification of photovoltaic systems connected to the public network. The software includes a new feature that allows the sizing of a photovoltaic system for solar energy self-consumption.

Among its benefits, it is possible to highlight:

Detailed overview of the entire installation

DC and AC electrical sizing, mono or multiple inverters

Detailed management of inverters (multi-trackers, multi-strings, integrated protections …)

Calculation of protections in DC and AC, including surges

Real-time calculation and multi-standard controls

Integrated or customizable multi-manufacturer database

Self-consumption distribution panel selectable from the interface

archelios™ O&M

archelios™ O&M is our monitoring software for any photovoltaic system. It provides all the advantages of the PV BIM digital model for an innovative operation and maintenance service.

Unique portal for all your photovoltaic plants

Location of any data, alert or incident

Comprehensive alarms and status differentiating production, data and equipment issues

Satellite weather data

Evaluation of incidents in monetary terms

Prioritization of financial loss incidents

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