Operation and Maintanance of solar power plants

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services are fundamental to guarantee the technical and economic performance of the solar plant over its lifetime.

Solar plants convert sunlight into usable electricity. O&M services help with the management of the implementation of certain processes to avoid or mitigate potential hazards and to guarantee the optimal return on investment. Operations mainly consist in the remote monitoring and control of the PV power plant conditions and performance. Monitoring software provide access to all data collected, which can be used for different purposes: defect detection, performance analysis, improvement, predictive maintenance and security.

archelios™ O&M

A good monitoring system will provide information on the production, alarms and analytical data, in a timely, efficient and precise manner to detect any anomaly of the PV plant.

Moreover it should provide comparison of the measured production with respective references:

the production simulation plan computed in design phase based on TMY (Typical Meteorological Year).

the effective expected production base on real irradiation and temperature data on site during operation.

archelios™ O&M is highly complying with this requirement.

It collects the different technical and production real time data from the PV plants with real flexibility regarding hardware equipment, inverters and data loggers as well as number of variables and preprocessing to increase collected data accuracy.

Thanks to the integrated PV BIM, it provides the most accurate references to compare the measurement:

The production simulation plan, is the one generated from archelios PRO and assessed as the most accurate one by independent laboratories. PVBIM includes a full 3D modeling for the most accurate shading simulation.

The same PVBIM model, with the same accuracy, is used in archelios O&M for real time reference computation using either local measured irradiance and temperature or using satellite based data

Permanent comparison with these references provides the PV plant operator with accurate defect detection as well as effective amount of energy and revenue lost linked to the detected issue.

This comparison is effectively performed at different level of the PV structure, from Inverters down to modules strings, and on different applicable variable, either normalized AC or DC production power as well as normalized DC current.

Deep experience of the development team in PV system operation, helped completing this key functionality as many others with the help of tools allowing a smooth defect analysis workflow, getting quickly from a top view down to the analysis of the minimum detail.. Operation and Maintenance managers can rely on archelios O&M for decision of the most efficient repair operations.

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