Trace Software International to Celebrate its 30 years of Success

Trace Software International, leading company in the creation of software solutions for the electrical installations, will celebrate its 30TH Birthday in Barcelona, 22 July 2017.

It has always been very challenging for companies to get launched, gain engagement, make profits, and especially find a sustainable way to survive in the massively competitive market, but Trace Software International succeeded in all of this for 30 years.  They proudly announce they will celebrate this unique happening in Barcelona. The event, dedicated to the company organization, represents a special occasion to celebrate their 30 years of success in the market and to reward the global efforts which brought the company to a leading and winning position in the international scenario.




Industrial engineer with a PhD in Business Administration, Pedro Puig is the bold and ambitious entrepreneur who started it all. Back in the 1984 he was the first Spanish reseller for Autodesk in Spain.  A pioneer with a visionary mindset, genuinely committed to his everlasting passion – engineering – Pedro has been unleashing the potential of technology and anticipating the industry trends since the early years.

Out of the comfort zone and ready to face the challenges of the increasingly competitive world of design software technology, CEO Pedro Puig, decided to take the risk and jumped on to the next level. In the 1987, he proudly founded Aceri Trace Software.

Since its creation, Aceri Trace Software has developed and distributed software tools to enable their clients to increase productivity and achieve maximum potential. The CAD design tool for the creation of electrical projects, Electrical Designer, had been Aceri Trace Software’s sole development focus. It used to be distributed in over 40 countries, over 5 continents and translated into 14 languages.

Pedro Puig - Trace Software's CEO



Before talking about the great turning point in 2008, we need to throw it back at 1989, the year when Pedro Puig met Etienne Mullie.

French based, he possessed a great passion for engineering and a massive dedication to the industry, apart from a deep level of expertise.  Along their journey they have been friends, they have been collaborators and, at certain times, also competitors.

A turning point was in 2008, which represented a very decisive year in Aceri Trace Software history.

The overall market scenario showed a massive growth potential and CEO Pedro Puig leading software’ solutions were already selling in some countries of Europe, Asia and America through different channels.

Pedro’s international vision- much more than just a dream-  has been a true mission since the early times of the company, which pushed him to make the next step. Finally, the right time had come. Both CEO, Pedro Puig and Etienne Mullie, decided to put together their resources with a clear objective in mind: being the key players in the electrical software engineering industry.

A fortunate decision that changed their professional lives forever. After the merger Aceri Trace Software was renamed as Trace Software International.

2008 is the year of the turning point: Trace Software International started the International conquering. A mission that has been accomplished.

Nowadays Trace Software International counts with a worldwide presence: they have offices in France, Spain, Morocco and China as well as an international network of distributors or authorized partners.

During this exciting journey, there have been many changes. Nowadays Trace Software International is part of Groupe Trace. This giant includes TraceParts, as a world-leading digital engineering 3D content company, Cythelia as an independent research firm in new energy technologies, specializing in photovoltaics, BIM&CO as a free, cloud based, collaborative platform dedicated to BIM Content amongst the most relevant and Green Systèmes as an innovating company which main purpose is to help professionals optimize the energy performance of their buildings and equipment.

Trace Software International vision is to guarantee their customers‘ satisfaction, enhancing and innovating their solutions and services.

“I have always been confident in my vision. When a company knows what it stands for and where it is going, it can focus on its people and resources assuming great clarity and integrity in a range of decisions” affirms CEO Pedro Puig.




Trace Software International –TSI- is a successful company committed to the development of software solutions and services for industry engineering, with a unique expertise in the design of electrical installations.

TSI manufacture and edit software solutions which allow to conceive, calculate, realize, handle and simulate. Its offer covers all the needs of the business manager from the production including the follow-up and the usage of the installations. Typically, their customers are within activity sectors like OEMs and machinery, automation and plant, energy and power generation, construction and aerospace.

With a double expertise, both technological and engineering-focused, thousands of relevant partners in the industry have increased their profitability and assured company safety standards through Trace Software International cutting-edge solutions:


  • elecworks™ the new generation electrical CAD design software for automation projects and electrical installations with a unique ergonomics quality.
  • elec calc™ the software package that enables the calculation of low voltage and high voltage electrical installations in real-time.
  • archelios™ offers powerful, innovative and easy-to-use photovoltaic software that facilitates PV projects from planning to operations and maintenance.

Trace Software Solutions

To appear amongst the best companies and to face the challenges of tomorrow, Trace Software International absolute priority is the constant investment into innovation. As an approved “Innovative Company” by OSEO, they massively invest in Research & Development, developing their own kernels software and working in collaboration with their customers to produce innovative solutions, disrupt habits and anticipate future needs.  In their own words “They make their customers win by designing innovative software products and this translates into giving them decisive advantages in terms of safety and profitability”


Enthusiast, passionate, unstoppable Trace Software International talents are ready to celebrate their well-deserved 30 years of success and they promise best is still to come.

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