Showing wire marks in shorts wires – elecworks Tips and Tricks


There are many elecworks users that are using wire numbering per wires instead of per equipotential, so in this tips & tricks we will see how to show only 1 wire mark in those shorts wires of the project in order to have clutter-free and readable numbering on drawings.

If we have selected the numbering per wire:

Numérotation des fils elecworks

We will see 2 wire marks in all connections, so if we have short wires we would have risk of overlapping.

2 numéros par fil elecworksNumerotation des fils chevauchement des textes elecworks

This is due to the offset X parameter for wire number.

In elecworks, we will be able to change this parameter, we should go to the project configurations (Project>Properties>Project settings>Font).

Paramètre de déplacement X elecworks

Increasing this value, we would get to display only 1 wire mark for those wires.

Uniquement un repère sur le fil elecworks

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