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Trace Software International webinars are presented by our experts to provide you best practices in the use of our electrical and photovoltaic sizing software:

elec calc™: Sizing High Voltage and Low Voltage electrical projects

elec calc™ is a software package that enables the calculation of low voltage and high voltage electrical installations in real-time, complying with various international standards.

Its graphical interface, very user-friendly, has been explicitly designed to handle easily and quickly any type of installation while helping the user to understand the effects of different parameters on the installation sizing.

archelios™ Suite: simulation, design, and analysis of a PV installation

archelios™ Suite is the unique solution to manage the entirety of a photovoltaic project from the feasibility study until the complete generation of the calculation notes and documentation needed for its implementation.

elec calc™ BIM: the integration of the electrical calculation into the BIM process.

elec calc™ BIM is the first calculation software that integrates the electrical project into BIM process level 2 & 3.
Design the digital model with your favorite architecture software and export it in IFC4 format. elec calc™ BIM will automatically generate the one-line diagram.
Join the BIM challenge and discover the ultimate benefits of our software in this session.

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Limit of available places: 100 participants per session.


elec calc™

Sizing High Voltage and Low Voltage electrical projects.

Tue, May 11 

10:00 AM

archelios™ Suite

Managing a complete PV project.

Thu, May 20

10:00 AM

elec calc™ BIM

The integration of the electrical calculation into BIM process.

Wed, May 26

10:00 AM

These webinars will be presented by :

Ricardo Martín – Product Specialist

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