An american example for clean energy

Proterra, an American company based in Golden, Colorado, produces battery-powered electric buses without any greenhouse gas emissions into the environment

Proterra electric buses employ fast loading stations differentiated by the automated roof charging connectors. Once connected to a bus stop charging unit, passenger buses will recharge their batteries in less than 10 minutes.

Proterra is maintaining product and research centers in nearly every U.S. State with California being the first state to adopt this technology hosting a fleet of Proterra buses. Proterra has deployed SolidWorks for its 3-D mechanical CAD and in 2010 invested in elecworks™ to aid in the electrical design of current and future bus fleets.

With more stringent environment legislation in the domain of urban transportation, Proterra is experiencing strong growth in its business and workforce. elecworks™ gives Proterra the tools required for the complex mechanical installation of electrical components in non-uniform and limited spaces. elecworks™ auto-wire routing provides length and path information for both small signal wires and large high current cables placed in confined pathways. Segregation rules keep signal and power wiring from crossing paths within our automatic path locator.

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