Creatique Technologie and elecworks™

Since 1979, Créatique Technologie has specialized in end-of-line test benches for electrical and electronic components, in vehicle connectors and in engine test benches to test electrical components.

Initially working with the automotive industry, this French company has gradually diversified to include other industries (rail, aviation, electric industry, etc.). Equipped with SolidWorks, the choice to integrate electrical design has naturally focused on elecworks™.

Since March 2012, the Electrical Engineering department at Billy-Berclau installed in the North of France has had an elecworks™ license. “It was chosen for its link with SolidWorks and its the ability to manage projects in 3D with SolidWorks” says David Muzard, electrical engineer. “Previously we used subcontractors for the electrical design. But as this activity increases steadily, electrical design is now done internally.”

Each project represents from a day up to a week of work. Via the E-PDM module, David Muzard retrieves the mechanical BOM from the mechanical team of 7 engineers. The company actually uses a specific internal code for BOMs. Through this connection, the electrical and mechanical design is carried out simultaneously and in parallel by both teams. The engineering team designs connectors for vehicle assembly lines (door, mirror, electronic board, gearbox, air conditioning, etc.) and electrical motor components (pump, injector, probe, etc.).

Connector design for the automotive sector with elecworks™ at Creatique Technologie

The elecworks™ user reuses for each project the same configuration of customized BOM and the drawings of identical terminals. The test bench is split into two distinct parts: the panel is designed separately from the machine. These two parts are connected together at the end.

“The big advantage of elecworks™ is the cable synoptic: we can define the connection between each device as a first draft and define both the cables and the number of strands from the start” says Daniel Muzard. “Its features meet my needs and it is easy to use.”

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