Hospital center of Rennes

At the Hospital of Rennes, an electrical calculation charter defines requirements for new buildings or renovation works imposed on electrical departments (operations – maintenance and new works departments) of the University Hospital as well as of subcontractors. elec calc™ is installed on nomad network and widely used for its simulation capabilities of multi-source facilities.

Comprised of five different sites, in terms of electrical maintenance the University Hospital represents 300 000m² of buildings, about 65,000 light sources 55 000 outlets, 120 high-voltage cells… hence the essential role of electrical operations – maintenance department that employs twenty people. Their electrical system consists of 17 HV / LV substations with a total installed capacity of 22MVA, 15 MVA in generators and 19 inverters. elec calc™ is frequently imposed to external subcontractors for all new construction. In 2009 the Hospital built a new emergency center with a total budget of € 37M ; electrical design and calculations were made using elec calc™. Across the hospital, the five-year technical blueprint amounts to €12M in electrical work.

Loïc Bardou, head of the electric department at the hospital insists on specific issues regarding quality imposed by the hospital and on the installation checks over the long term. To meet these objectives an electrical calculation charter has been created. It sets up some electric rules: back-up studies of protective devices.

elec calc™ meets the needs of the hospital:

  • by its selectivity module which coordinates protections to prevent failures in the entire system through the elimination of default
  • by the electric circuit breaker placed immediately upstream of this defect, by its nomad network installation which allows the use of the software off the network connection on a laptop for working on construction sites and for instance, verify calculation sheets with an installer,
  • by its management of multi-standards in the context of obsolete buildings’ upgrade.

Loïc Bardou prefers elec calc™ compared to other software:

“In the hospital sector where the quality and continuity of service shall prevail above all, we impose the use of elec calc™ soon as we can to all those involved on the facilities of the University Hospital. It is more ergonomic, more readable, more intuitive and better integrated with the manufacturers’ catalogs.”

elec calc en milieu hospitalier

elec calc meets the safety requirements of electrical services in hospitals

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