Project highlights’

Project started in 2003, by ACERI (Trace Software Iberia) and Bombardier Aerospace research centre in Montreal Canada.

The challenge: setting up a tool to interface suppliers’ cabling data with wiring, cable loom design and manufacturing.

This collaboration between various CAD systems provides a seamless design process that avoids tasks’ repetition across the various project stages elaborating on CAD model to extract wiring data.

· Provide assistance for Electrical Designer software installation, configuration settings, and tool utilization.
· Load and configure Drawing Template that meets latest BA ESSD drawing format requirements.
· Load and configure the Component Library with part numbers and attributes as required by BA wiring integration.
· A custom installation pre-made in ACERI.
· Assist in documentation, paperwork and BA specific training material, as required.
· Develop a configured Software instance that can be shipped to System Suppliers.
· Package the Symbols library for either shipment with software or make available through Documentum.
· Prepare Supplier Workshop training material for simplified “How to Training”.
· Electronic documentation for all items as per Bombardier applicable standards and guidelines.

Bombardier Learjet based in Wichita Kansas adopted ACERI ELECTRICAL Designer as standard for LJ-200 series ESSD’s for the L85 Electrical System Schematics Design for Learjet 85.

Currently (2012) Trace Software-ACERI solutions are still in use within both Bombardier Aerospace in Montreal for C200 series and for Learjet 85 in Kansas facilities.

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Customers’ opinions

“…the high quality of the product, the benefits of it being customizable and the professional service we have been receiving”.

Steve Rompala
Section chief, Bombardier Aerospace Montréal
Advanced product development
– Design for manufacturing and assembly
– ECAD electrical harness systems

“We started learning and using ACERI ELECTRICAL Designer LT BA-X approx 6 months ago. We have been designing with it snag free. The designers are comfortable with the software and the feedback is all positive.
Thanks again to your team for excellent customer support and rapid response time to issues.
This is critical to Bombardier Aerospace and I am passing on this feedback to them on a regular basis”.

Tony Caccavelli
Avionics System Integration
Rockwell Collins – Montréal

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