Trace Software transfers its Schematics business division to Dassault Systèmes

Trace Software International announces the signing of a definitive agreement for the sale of elecworks™, the software for the design of electrical and automation projects, to Dassault Systèmes.

Since 1987, Trace Software International has been developing advanced engineering software solutions addressed to three key markets: electrical design, electrical calculation, and photovoltaics. The experience acquired during more than 30 years has positioned them as a global expert in engineering.

However, the company has decided to sell the elecworks™ electrical and automation design software product line to Dassault Systèmes. By leaving the world of electrical design behind, TSI aims to focus its core expertise in the development of software solution for the electrical calculation and photovoltaic industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does this mean?

a) Recognition and capitalisation for Trace Software innovation, investment and achievements on ECAD expertise area for more than 30 years
b) In a nutshell, complete development and support team working for TSI -related to this business- is now working for DS
c) All software code, intellectual property, customers’ information and good-will related to schematics belongs now to DS
d) Schematics investment continues in bigger newer ways with DS leadership

2. What about Trace Software other activities?

All other Trace Software divisions and activities will continue its development as planned; and will certainly be reinforced after this transfer.
elec calc™ -sizing and dimensioning electrical engineering- and archelios™ Suite – photovoltaics specialist solutions- receive extra investments. Fusion with new BIM & IOT dimensions will continue its progression and synergies delivering more value for customers.

3. What schematics software are concerned?

    • elecworks EW
    • SolidWorks Electrical SWE
    • All legacy schematics specific software produced by Aceri and Trace Software
      • i. Trace Elec
        ii. Trace Elec PRO
        iii. Trace Elec OEM
        iv. Electrical Designer
        v. Electrical Designer LT
        vi. Electrical Designer BA extension

In general, all above specific modules and options produced since 1987

4. What does it mean to existing customers?

Development of new releases continues and is granted by DS.
Subscriptions and support are managed by DS or SW or its named channel.
New subscriptions will be exclusively sold by DS or SW or its specialists’ channel.
Products will enjoy widest DS SW world-wide coverage on service, support and sales.

5. How will running subscriptions and maintenance be handled?

There will not be any disruption in services. All users will receive notification with their necessary details

6. What about electrical content portal ECP?

As part of the transfer the electrical content portal (ECP) will continue operating as usual and will certainly face a major evolution enjoying full DS extended options.

7. What if we are also using other TSI software (non-schematics)

Trace Software will continue to support and deliver as usual. There are no specific changes planned.

8. Will elecworks users be forced to migrate to SWE?

Not at all, you can keep your license and use it for as long as you want and are entitled to (subscribers SAAS models). You will be offered SWE upgrades and new options depending on your license type and purchased modules.
Prices options and policies will be announced by SW customer by customer and every specific case addressed

9. Who will provide elecworks user with technical support?

Beginning March 30, 2019 Dassault Systèmes-SolidWorks (DS-SW) will be responsible for supporting you and your elecworks needs.

For support needs beginning March 30, 2019 please contact DS-SW as follows:

  • Email:
  • Telephone Hotline: available 24 hours x 5 days (Sunday 8PM-Friday 9PM US EST).
    – North America Toll Free: 888-SOLID-WK (1-888-765-4395)
    – World Wide Toll Free*: +800 2300 4300
    (* Prefix this number with your country’s code for placing an international call (not required in the US))
    – For China: 8008192000 or +86-021-20605390
    – Select: “5” for SW Electrical support