Trace Software International at Elec Expo 2019

Elec Expo – the most important fair for the electricity, lighting, electrical engineering and industrial automation sectors of Africa, will celebrate its 13th edition at the Casablanca International Fairgrounds from the 30th of October to the 2nd of November Trace Software International will welcome visitors to the booth E43.

Since 1987 , Trace Software International  has positioned itself as a global leader in the conception of avant-garde software solutions, with a unique specialization in the field of electricity and energy management, that is where the company’s core business resides.

Elec Expo 2019

Africa has some of the best renewable energy potentials in the world. These include wind, solar and significant remaining hydropower potential. This is why Elec Expo is a privileged place where to be. The fair is an excellent platform for promoting networking between the African government, investors and local and international companies. The goal is to unite all the actors of the value chain in a unison effort in identifying the priorities of the country’s agenda and in the consequent proposition of efficient solutions.

The world’s energy systems are undergoing an immense transformation. Digitalization has enabled greater data management and analytics, improved connectivity between humans and devices, better control over processes and enhanced optimization. Digitalization’s impact on energy systems is enormous, as it is implementing cleaner, more efficient, and safer ways of consuming and producing power. This is why it is a fundamental tool in the fight against climate change. Digitalization allows to gather data, analyze it, carry digital simulations, take consequential actions, and avoid energy waste.

TSI first-class software solutions

Trace Software International has designed advanced software tools to increase performance and improve energy efficiency management. The company will showcase three fundamental tools in the industry.

elec calc™ Suite efficiently manages the electrical installation lifecycle. It is composed of:

· elec calc™ is the software for the calculation and sizing of electrical installations. It is the only solution that integrates the management of high and low voltage into the same project and in real-time. This tool has unique,  automated,  and integrated features, the result of the company’s decades of experience in the industry. This sophisticated software guarantees the top precision of complex calculations, rigorous sizing, and deep analysis of the electrical network by simulating and comparing different scenarios.

· elec calc™ BIM is the world’s first software that seamlessly integrates electrical computing into an open BIM process. The user can design, calculate and size the electrical installation in the digital model in IFC 4 format, generated by any 3D architecture software (Revit, ArchiCAD, SketchUp…). The latest developments in the software, such as management of junction boxes or multiple objects, will allow the user to gain even more precision of the routing. The software can connect to the BIM&CO platform to access manufacturer data.

archelios™ Suite

archelios™ Suite is a world-class software solution designed to meet the challenges of the changing global energy landscape.

Photovoltaic energy has become increasingly important. In fact, PV systems are being widely used to meet the growing demand for energy. archelios™ Suite can manage any type of photovoltaic projects, from design to operation and monitoring. The Suite consists of three main applications: archelios™ Pro, archelios™ Calc, and archelios™ O&M, which helps professionals achieve maximum accuracy and high performance in all phases of a photovoltaic project: feasibility study and 3D design, electrical sizing, operation, and maintenance. The Suite integration optimizes data fluidity and interoperability.

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