Mixed Symbols: Definition and Creation

Purpose: Connect wires and show cross references information using one symbol.

Introduction: In order to do so, the user currently uses 2 symbols:

  • Multi-wire symbol: to connect wires;
  • Connection label: to show cross reference information.

It means that the user needs to work twice more and consequently might do errors.

This “Tips & Tricks” details how to create a mixed symbol that can be connected and can show cross references at the same time. A temperature driver for transformers will be used as example.

Below you will learn how to create a single component aimed at regulating the temperatures of electrical transformers.

Mixed Symbol 1


A multi-wire symbol is created with circuits and connection points for the power supply and PTC inputs (1). Then connection label attributes will be added, following the previously connection points order number (2). This action will be carried out by copying, pasting and renaming the existing attributes, because it is impossible to insert a connection label attribute in a multi-wire symbol automatically.

Mixed Symbol 2

Once the symbol is inserted and an appropriate manufacturer reference is associated to it, the component will be as following:


When different contacts are inserted and associated to the component, the cross-reference information will appear automatically.



Thanks to only one block, two kinds of symbol are merged to connect wires and show cross references information, while minimizing the chances of error and maximizing your working time and productivity.

Note: These symbols and references are available on our Electrical Content Portal.

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