How is it possible to show the cross references table format in the line diagram?

By default, in the line diagram drawings, the cross reference format is a text.
Planos sinoptico Trace Software International

You can set the symbol to have a table format like the one that appears in the scheme drawings.

Planos tipo esquema Trace Software International

To do this you have to select the symbol, right click button, Symbol properties.

Propiedades del símbolo Trace Software International
Set the Cross references type field as Parent in table and accept.
Tipo de referencia cruzada  Trace Software International
Please note the result will be as following:
resultado referencias cruzadas Trace Software International
In this way it is possible to increase the level of information provided in the line diagram, allowing to generate a more precise documentation.
Keep in mind that the modifications made only affect the selected symbol, you can change the configuration of the Cross references type field in the library. To do this please select the symbol, right click button, Symbol, Open symbol.
Panel de Propriedades Trace Software International
This will take us to the symbol in the library, the Properties panel allows you to set the Cross reference type.
Tipo de referencia cruzada Trace Software International
We save the symbol and return to the line diagram, when we insert it again it will have the Cross references type property set as Parent in table. If we want to update the symbols previously inserted in the project, we must select a symbol, right click button, Symbol, and Update.
Símbolo y Actualizar Trace Software International
This allows updating the selected symbol, those inserted in the same drawing or in the project.
actualizar símbolo seleccionado Trace Software International
In this way, you will be able to update the whole project.

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