How is it possible to handle bus wires in elecworks™?

For elecworks™ onboard or schemes with a lot of wires, sometimes is hard to read. Also, connecting several wires from one place to another one could be something tedious as steps to do that can consume a lot of time and not always are user friendly. Learn how to handle bus wires in elecworks™


  • Marking each wire, later insert automatic origin destination arrows
  • Or joining manually each wire through insert origin destination arrows command


wires joined by arrows Trace Software International


With this trick, user can get as result something similar to:


wires joined by arrows final result Trace Software International




Thanks to hyper passing circuit’s characteristic, wires can be joined automatically by customized symbols. Inside of elecworks™, user can find out several examples about these symbols under origin destination classification.


Symbols bus wires tips&tricks by Trace Software International


Steps to join wires with them are

  • Insert symbol command
  • Select the symbol more suitable according to the number ow wires
  • Insert it at the end of the wires
  • Give a mark
  • Repeat previous steps with the other wires to be joined with the firstly, the symbol maybe should be rotated and must be associated to the previous one


Also, in this way, user can get the control about this buses from component browser.



Component browser by Trace Software International


Looking at wire cabling order, these symbols are transparent, so they will not appear in connection reports.


wire cabling order Trace Software International



In this way, schemes can be simpler. Also, users can save time as just 2 symbols can join so many wires as user’s decision.

Removing one symbol, user does not lose the other one, keeping for a future use. The purpose of this Tips&Tricks is to group several wires in a bus and connect them in another project place.

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