Equipotential management through automatic insertion – elecworks Tips & Tricks

When you have in an electrical project an equipotential, running through a whole set of drawings, it can be fastidious to insert manually links between each of your drawings.

For this purpose, you can use automatic link insertion which improves your equipotential management.


The automatic insertion feature will insert the links and will connect together any wires bearing the same equipotential number:
Automatic insertion feature in elecworks

On your first drawing, you can define manually the number of your equipotential.


Electrical drawing and equipotentials

On all the following drawings, you can define the same equipotential number on the polarity.


Equipotential numbering in elecworks


When all the drawings are made, you can use the automatic insertion feature:


Automatic link insertion for equipotentials

You then access this dialog box:

Automatic insertion link window in elecworks


The automatic links are created automatically.




This automatic link insertion will save you time while ensuring reliable and up-to-date information.


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