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With the release of elecworks 2014, the specific solution of electrical CAD more intuitive of the market, Trace Software has developed a new solution to add to the current portfolio, elecworks™ Viewer, a complete viewer of electrical projects done in elecworks.

With elecworks™ Viewer different people involved in developing the electrical project such as department chiefs, purchase, technical support, etc. can access at any time to see at what stage is the engineering development.

elecworks™ Viewer is designed to watch and print any drawing and/or report done with any elecworks™ solution, likeelecworks™ Onboard, elecworks™ P&ID, elecworks™ Fluid or elecworks™ Facility.

elecworks™ Viewer is a multiuser platform and includes an instant messaging chat to be informed about the progress of the electrical design.

elecworks™ Viewer users can have access to the projects tree, thumbnails of the different drawings and view the selected drawing.

elecworks™ Viewer to view electrical projects


Navigation inside the project is also possible through the documents and components tree.

The search filter helps to precisely look for a particular element of the project (for example: a mark, a location, a reference, a component type, etc.)

elecworks™ Viewer Filter menu


Reports can be exported to xls or txt formats and the drawings to DWG or navigable PDF.

elecworks™ Viewer to print, export to DWG or PDF navigable drawings



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