elec calc™ Suite: excellence from the design to maintenance of any electrical installations

When it comes to the electrical installation lifecycle – from design to maintenance, including production and inspection –  safety and energy efficiency are top priorities. Given the fatal risks associated with the electrical engineering industry and the challenges of climate change, it is essential to invest in efficient and reliable technology, capable of connecting information and people along the whole project lifecycle and driving the best outcomes.

elec calc™ Suite efficiently manages the electrical installation lifecycle. This sophisticated software guarantees top precision of complex calculations, rigorous sizing, deep analysis of the electrical network by simulating and comparing different scenarios, smooth maintenance, and BIM integration.

The Suite is composed of two different software solutions.

elec calc™

elec calc™ is the software solution dedicated to the sizing of electrical installations, the only one in the world that allows integrating the management of high and low voltage in the same project and compliance with international standards. This sophisticated tool is provided with unique features such as the intellisense, a smart design function which is guiding the user in the design of the electrical installation. In fact, it helps the user by suggesting which are the most likely components to be connected to the selected one. This and more powerful features bring any professionals valuable benefits: speeding up the design time, reducing risks, optimizing the whole process, making more reliable choices.

elec calc™ can manage any type of electrical project, from the simplest to the most complex. It also possesses all the necessary functions to carry out a complete analysis of critical facilities with detailed studies. It further allows the user to check several operational scenarios such as emergency, network change-over, to analyze each operational condition using the behavior and sizing of the installation.

elec calc™ BIM

elec calc™ BIM is the world’s first software that seamlessly integrates electrical computing into an open BIM process. The user can design, calculate and size the electrical installation in the digital model in IFC 4 format, generated by any 3D architecture software (Revit, ArchiCAD, SketchUp…). The latest developments in the software, such as management of junction boxes or multiple objects, will allow the user to gain even more precision of the routing. The software can connect to the BIM&CO platform to access manufacturer data.

By using elec calc™ BIM, professionals can benefit from the latest in electrical calculation efficiency within the BIM process. In fact, a more rigorous and integrated design leads to lower construction costs, through less waste. Furthermore, the software allows improved risk management as it is possible to count on more reliable information.

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