elec calc™ 2022: a revolution in building electrical design

Trace Software is pleased to announce the launch of the new release of elec calc™.  The software makes it possible to size and calculate all types of electrical installations from high to low voltage and more specific installations such as charging stations for electric vehicles.

In this new version, the safety of electrical installations and the continuity of operation are particularly highlighted. In addition to this, it is now possible to go further in Smart Grids networks management as the elec calc™ GRID version makes it possible to take into account the power flows coming from a photovoltaic source. This new features empower installers and engineers to meet the current energy challenges.

NEW IN 2022


  • Coordination control between circuit breakers and switches based on manufacturer tables
  • The management of the long delay timer as well as the i²t parameter
  • Verification of differential selectivity


 Long delay timer and i²t parameter


  • It is now possible to simulate short-circuit defaults in the installation in order to get the trigger sequence of the upstream protections.
  • Photovoltaic source can be taken into account with elec calc™ GRID as it is automatically defined as a power controlled source with the required active and reactive power.

Fault Simulator

Photovoltaic source


  • Performance of the calculation engine enhanced with the use of multithreading
  • Euroclasses fire resistance classification for pipes now taken into account in the project

Gateway to software solutions

  • Connector to BIM&CO ‘s Onfly  platform to retrieve bases for EV terminals and inverters

Onfly by BIM&CO

Today, business continuity is a major issue in many applications, so it is essential to be able to integrate all the adjustment parameters to quickly perform analyses and thus optimize the selectivity of the installation. In this new 2022 version, we have developed a default simulator which, in real time and at any point in the installation, gives the order to trigger the protections.

Customers with a services agreement can now log in to their support area to download the new version.

You can now learn more about the advanced technology of this software by contacting our sales team

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