Workshop: Overcoming challenges with Design Spark Electrical

From 21st to 22nd October, a new edition of Engineering Design Show has been taken place in Coventry, UK.
Our partner, RS Components has been there (stand F9) to show their solutions and Design Spark family, and presenting his recent launching, Design Spark Electrical, a new free electrical CAD tool aimed to electrical designer engineers developed by Trace Software.

Design Spark Electrical developed by Trace Software

Being aware of the challenges and needs of the electrical designers, RS Components held the workshop “Overcoming challenges faced by electrical system designers”:

The working life of electrical designers is filled with many challenges. RS Components, through their DesignSpark Programme, have researched and analysed those challenges and are now providing a solution. Following the huge success of their free CAD solutions for PCB design and 3D solid modelling, this latest solution will support the design process for electrical engineers around the world. The barriers to acquisition of electrical CAD have been removed giving access to fast and accurate design to every engineer.

During this session, attendees learnt:

  1. The need for Electrical CAD
  2. The reasons why many electrical designers do not have access to it
  3. The unsuitable design solutions many engineers are forced to use
  4. What RS are offering as a free powerful electrical CAD solution
  5. The key features and benefits of this solution

Read more about the partnership between RS Components and Trace Software for developing Design Spark Electrical.

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