Why is technical support fundamental in the engineering software industry?

Any software purchasing process implies a certain time of critical reflection on several aspects: costs, ROI, usability, integration, and technical support just to name a few. Technical support is a fundamental factor that must be necessarily taken into consideration when buying an engineering software solution mainly for three relevant reasons.

First of all, it comes to the learning process. The acquisition and implementation of a new engineering software solution suppose a new work methodology. Furthermore, in case of an issue affecting the operational performance, it is important to count with experienced technical engineering support able to provide assistance in direct contact, with ease and comfort.

Technical support is also a fundamental business unit for being the main point of contact with the customer. Understanding changing clients’ preferences and collecting their consideration and expectations on the software solutions is not only important, but it is necessary as it shows unique chances of improvements to any company.

The learning curve

The more you perform in a task, the better you get at it. The learning curve analyzes the relationship between learning and experience; it graphically portrays how the performance (output) improves as the experience (input) increases.

The concept of the learning curve can be applied in all the learning processes and can be used as a powerful business framework to help the management of operations. In fact, know also as cost curves or productivity curve, the concept of the learning curve is used in cost forecasting and production planning. In fact, it helps to monitor workers performance, waste, and loss.

According to the Business Harvard Review:

The most important ingredients in learning curve performance are vision and leadership. Continued improvement is a chain of influences which starts with the conviction that progress is possible, continues with the creation of an environment and support of work which promotes it, and results in flexibility and willingness to change established practices for more efficient ones as they continually evolve. Furthering this chain is part of the practice of management. Consequently, the learning curve can be regarded as a primary tool of management.”

The learning curve graphically represents how the cumulative experience increases efficiency and lowers cost per unit of output. This means that the internalization of a set of skills during the learning process and through the reiterated application of those increases the efficiency of the process. This happens because the worker has acquired the right competence and habits to optimize the management of resources such as people, time and skills.

Furthermore, it is believed that it is more likely for a company to maintain its competitive advantage when it has a steeper learning curve than its competitor. This is why it is important to invest resources in software which have been designed as intuitive and user-friendly.

To avoid hindering the process of learning, it is important to take into consideration the quality of the training provided by technical support. Learning a new methodology is a key asset for performance improvements along the software’s lifespan and counting with easy to use software solution guarantee that motivation and interest are kept along the process.

Solving technical issues

Counting with an experienced technical support engineer is crucial, especially when there are some issues affecting the daily operations and creating bottlenecks.

Apart from the technical support level of expertise, it is important to check the communication strategy the company has implemented. A one-size-fits-all approach is doomed to fail.

To support customers’ success, personalization is the watchword. Not all the customer are the same for simply being electrical engineers, for example. Each role within a specific industry is facing certain challenges, has certain goals and pain points. By understanding the client’s priority, the aim is to provide tailor-made customer support.  As a user of TSI software solutions, you will have a single and dedicated contact person. Apart from personalization, customers at TSI can decide a preferred channel of communication: ticket system, hotline, remote assistance, blog, knowledge pills, phone, email, and Skype.

At Trace Software International, 99% of clients affirm they feel really satisfied with the customer service.


Trace Software International’s technical team is formed by engineers with vast experience designing projects with our software solutions. They will support you in any issue, which you may have, looking for the best alternative to design every single project and ensuring your competitive advantage and a faster return on investment.

During more than 30 years of experience, it is clear that recruiting and retaining the highest caliber team is key to ensure the customers’ success. As markets become more competitive, to count with reliable customer service is definitively a competitive advantage and a winning strategy for locking in loyal clients.

In order to keep clients up to  date about the latest news and technical software improvements, as for example new software releases, service packs, new or updated technical contents or training events, Trace software International has created “Neo”: a specific tool that allows to keep a continuous open communication between customers and Trace software International.

The support of Trace Software was enormous. The simple customer-supplier relationship has been exceeded. We are totally satisfied»Mohamed El Habib Co Manager & Technical Director de P Prime SRL.

Learning from the customer

Some years ago, before the digital transformation of the society, companies were just selling products to clients and there was almost no communication between the two parties. Nowadays companies have a great advantage: they can learn from their customer feedback to diversify their offer, optimize their product and services, understand real needs and captivating upcoming trends.

The technical support engineering plays an active role as they translate customer opinions into relevant information for the entire organization. Within TSI organization,  our technical managers may offer you the opportunity to get access to the latest Beta versions of software (only available for Platinum subscribers).

TSI support service helps customers to increase their productivity,  avoid waste of time in critical tasks,  increase competitiveness and ensure higher quality projects. The user will enhance the operating cost-efficiency by eliminating collateral issues, resulting from human errors and repetitive tasks.

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