Trace Software will be at Genera 2020 to promote a sustainable energy future

Genera – the International Energy and Environment Fair – will hold its next edition at the Madrid Fair from February 5th to 7th, 2020. Under the slogan “We integrate energies for a sustainable future”, Genera aims at promoting the decarbonization of the Spanish economy by acting as a commercial platform for the energy and environmental industries.

Trace Software International will participate in the event to showcase archelios™ Suite, the software solution designed for the integral management of any photovoltaic project, such as rooftop photovoltaic installations, large solar power plants, grid-connected PV power or self-consumption systems.  Since 1987 the company has manufactured high- standards engineering software solutions for the electricity, construction and energy industries. It takes know-how, tech talents,  and resources to provide a service of excellence.

As a member of the Photovoltaic Union of Spain, Trace Software International will be welcoming visitors at the stand 10B 39, Hall 10.

archelios™ Suite: a unique solution to manage the entirety of a photovoltaic project

Photovoltaic energy has become increasingly important. In fact, PV systems are being widely used to meet the growing demand for energy. archelios™ Suite can manage any type of photovoltaic projects, from design to operation and monitoring.

archelios™ Suite consists of three main applications: archelios™ Pro, archelios™ Calc  and archelios ™ O&M, which help engineers to manage efficiently and accurately all the phases of any photovoltaic project: feasibility study and 3D design, electrical sizing, monitoring, operation, and maintenance.

archelios ™ Pro

archelios™ Pro is a powerful, innovative and easy-to-use software for feasibility and bankability studysimulation and 3D design of any photovoltaic project. It also allows the management of bifacial modules by providing a catalog regularly updated for their respective management.

archelios ™ Calc

archelios™ Calc is a comprehensive software for the calculation, sizing and verification of photovoltaic systems connected to the public network. The software includes a new feature that allows the sizing of a photovoltaic system for solar energy self-consumption.

archelios ™ O&M

archelios™ O&M is a monitoring software for any photovoltaic system. It provides all the advantages of the PV BIM digital model for an innovative operation and maintenance service.

The Suite integration optimizes data fluidity and interoperability.

Genera – the International Energy and Environment Fair

Genera – the International Energy and Environment Fair- is the privileged commercial platform to discuss and analyze the current trends in renewable energy, check the new technologies and find the optimal commercial alliances. There is unprecedented momentum for leaving the fossil fuel age behind.

Within the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and aligned with the current challenges of the industry, Genera promotes a cleaner, safer and sustainable energy system.

Sustainability, Innovation, and Business will be, in fact, be the strategic axes of this edition. Another peculiarity of this year is Solar Genera, a space  specifically dedicated to the solar energy sector, given its leading role in the decarbonization of the economy.

Trace Software will welcome visitors at 10B 39, Hall 10.


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