Trace Software International announces the signing of a definitive agreement for the sale of elecworks™, the software for the design of electrical and automation projects, to Dassault Systèmes

Since 1987, Trace Software International has been developing advanced engineering software solutions addressed to three key markets: electrical design, electrical calculation, and photovoltaics. The experience acquired during more than 30 years has positioned them as a global expert in engineering. 

However, the company has decided to sell the elecworks™ electrical and automation design software product line to Dassault Systèmes. By leaving the world of electrical design behind, TSI aims to focus its core expertise in the development of software solution for the electrical calculation and photovoltaic industries.


elecworks™, translated into 14 languages, is Trace Software International solution for the design of electrical and automation projects. elecworks™ was born in 2005 as a highly ambitious project.  At that time, the arrival of the 3D design was revolutionizing the mechanical industry. Furthermore, starting the development of new electrical CAD software back in times was definitively a risky bet because of the presence of established players in the industry.

But Trace Software International took up this challenge.

elecworks™ has been conceived as an innovative tool for three main reasons. First of all, the company has been literally the first in the market to include the of the digital representation of the electrical components and the complete cabinet in the 3D mock-up. Secondly, TSI introduced to the market a new type of schema to help mechanics, automation specialists and electricians to be on the same page of the project. The schema is the synoptic and it has been conceived to carry out the 2D design. The third reason is possibly the most innovative one, at least for those times: the collaborative design. The creation of the digital model of the machine was intended to establish an interactive work environment for all the involved actors of the design phase (mechanics, electricians, automation specialists). It was, therefore, necessary to interface with the 3D model of the machine. The 2D part was autonomous and we started to interface natively with SOLIDWORKS, with whom we entered into a strategic partnership.

The launch of elecworks™

The launch of elecworks™ could not happen without an established international network of resellers. This is the reason why Trace Software decided to merge with Spanish company ACERI, the publisher of CADELEC & ELECTRICAL DESIGNER software solutions. Its founder and CEO, Pedro Puig, took charge of the global sales and marketing strategy for the launch of elecworks™. In the business expansion strategy, another milestone has been the setting up of two subsidiaries. While in China there was no leadership in the electrical schematic industry, in the USA Autocad ruled the market. However, success came really quickly.

TSI signed an agreement with Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks for the use of elecworks™ As a result,  the OEM version of the software was launched under the name of SOLIDWORKS Electrical in 2012. This has been a great recognition and honor for the TSI’s team!

Why is TSI selling elecworks™ electrical and automation design software product line?

The first sale of elecworks™ was made in 2009. It took 4 years of development and 30 engineering experts, since the market has evolved, and it is now characterized by the presence of major players. The clear examples of these changes in the industry are the acquisition of IGE-XAO by Schneider Electric or SIEMENS investments in the electrical CAD market. This is why the company has decided to take the next step and sign a decisive agreement for the sales of the elecworks™ electrical and automation software product line.

With elecworks™ assets, Dassault Systèmes can streamline the development of Solidworks Electrical applications and new electrical offerings on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform by combining best practices, electrical design technology and Solidworks mechanical applications under common research and development management. In addition to 3D design, this acquisition allows Dassault Systemes to meet all the needs of the mechatronic design chain: electricity and automation, mechanics and applied electronics.

TSI is already investing all the expertise and resources in the development of the electrical calculation and photovoltaic software products lines. These are two promising markets, especially for the arrival of BIM within the construction industry and for the concerns about climate change which are accelerating the energy transition towards a decarbonized society.

The company’s aim is to provide engineers with the most advanced and cutting-edge software solutions to face the challenges within electrical engineering, the building, the solar photovoltaic and the energy efficiency management industries. TSI will continue to deliver excellence.

The investments necessary to continue to improve the solution and meet all the needs of an electric CAD solution had become too important for our SMEs: we have logically agreed to sell this unit of the business to Dassault Systèmes,” said Etienne Mullie, R&D Manager and President of Trace Software International.

elecworks electrical design CAD

elecworks™ users

Dassault Systèmes acquires 100% of the elecworks™ electrical and automation design software product line. The elecworks™ team of 21 software developers, technical support engineers and quality assurance engineers dedicated to electrical schematics will also join Dassault Systèmes.

The elecworks™ ongoing maintenance contracts will be operated by the SolidWorks network in the delegation on duty.  There will be no change in the work habits and customers will benefit from worldwide leadership of Dassault Systèmes in terms of resellers networks, software development resources, and technological expertise. The transition will be extremely natural.

After more than 30 years of experience, Trace Software International leaves the electrical schematics design industry world. They will allocate all the resources and expertise on electrical engineering calculation, building, solar photovoltaic and energy efficiency software solution to continue to deliver excellence.

By choosing to focus its research and development efforts on the latest advances in the construction and energy markets, Trace Software once again confirms that it delivers and innovation is firmly rooted in its DNA.

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