Trace Software International Releases elec calc 2017

BARCELONA, Spain (February 9th, 2017) – [NEWS] Trace Software International is proud to announce the release of its new electrical installation calculation software: elec calc 2017.

elec calc™ is a software solution that enables the sizing of electrical installations in real-time. Complying with various international standards, it includes among other features: several types of sources, simulation of different operating modes; short-circuit currents calculated according to IEC 60909 using the method of symmetrical components and according to the methods of installation IEC 60364-5.

elec calc 2017 launching

Dozens of new features have been added to the original version, elec calc Classic, making elec calc 2017 the most efficient designing software on the market.

With elec calc 2017, your work is facilitated and your productivity, boosted.
Don’t wait to enjoy the future of calculation: contact us for more information.

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