Trace Software International partners with Chinese giant Lyric Robot

Last week the Chinese team of Trace Software International successfully overcame its last challenge – a fruitful deal with China Guangdong Lyric Robot Intelligent Equipment (Lyric Robot), the leading giant in the automated industry.

The high-tech enterprise chose Trace Software international- the notable company with an unparalleled experience in electrical engineering – as a strategic partner for an ambitious project: “elecworks™ for PTC Creo & elecworks™ for PTC Windchill electrical design project navigation”.

The project’s primary objective is to guarantee to Robot Lyrics the reliable implementation of a new operational and technological approach for the design of the electrical system of the packaging machines and for the intelligent and integrated management of the processes.

elecworks celebration in China by Trace Software International


The Chinese giant will use the following Trace Software International’ solutions:

elecworks™  is the worldwide bestselling electrical CAD software for automation projects and electrical installations. It provides all necessary features for the best design process for power and control schemes, cross-references, PLC’s, Terminals Strips, Panels, Reporting etc.

elecworks™ for PTC® Windchill® enables the efficient management of the product lifecycle, effortlessly integrating the electrical data in the PLM system. The operating logic of the PLM is based on the shared access of information, resources, and processes related to a product or service throughout its life cycle. The PLM, therefore, provides an integrated and essential framework with multiple benefits such as costs, quality and time-to-market optimization, automation of product data management, interdisciplinary collaborations, and safety monitoring.

elecworks™ for PTC® Creo® ensures the smooth integration of the electrical schematic design from elecworks™ to the PTC® Creo® project. It enables faster development of schematically defined electrical systems that can readily be implemented in the 3D CAD models. Faster design, synchronized plans, up-to-date documentation, reduced costs throughout the product lifecycle are some of the benefits.

Packaging machinery is a highly competitive market, but yet very profitable. Long-term investment in cutting-edge software solutions, able to reinforce the company competitive position in the market,  is a strategic and profitable move.


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