Trace Software International Announces New e-Shop Launching

Barcelona, Spain (November 24, 2016) – [NEWS] Trace Software International is proud to announce the launching of its new e-Shop. Our team has been working intensively in order to offer our valued customers the finest shopping platform on the market. Accessible via Trace Software website, our new e-Shop covers all our solutions and products making our rich portfolio now easy to browse.

Trace Software announces the launching of the eshop

Interactivity at Heart

Available in 3 languages (English, French and Spanish), it is updated regularly so visitors always have access to the most accurate technical information. Customer-friendly and easy to use, our e-Shop is also highly interactive. In addition to its refined design, pictures and videos are available on each product page to give our clients a more in-depth understanding of our solutions. Additionally, our new platform allows visitors to share with others the products they like on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

The Flexibility to Consume

Our company puts a lot of efforts on always being more flexible so we can meet our clients’ needs effectively, at all times. Convenient and cost-friendly, our “Pay-per-use” model is a new step towards more freedom for our users:

  • Payment based on service usage – you pay for only what you use.
  • Three types of license available – define the duration that best suits your requirements (1, 2 or 3 years).
  • Three types of subscription – enjoy our product in addition to all the services and advantages associated to your subscription (Silver, Gold or Platinum).
  • Direct support – do not hesitate to click on “Ask for a quote” if you need any further information. Our multilingual sales representatives will be glad to help and guide you during the whole purchasing process.

Visit our new e-Shop now and enjoy the best of eCommerce. Feel free to give us some feedback on our social media pages: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google Plus.

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