Trace Software announces the launch of the newest editions of archelios™ Pro- the solar photovoltaic software

Trace Software International is excited to announce the launch of the newest editions of archelios™ Pro. The software is an excellent tool for the feasibility and bankability study, simulation, 3D design, and sizing of any photovoltaic project.

As the solar market becomes more and more complex and challenging, the company has launched a new PV software’s offering. Trace Software International has used its expertise to create four different PV tools’ proposals, aimed at delivering more value and satisfying the needs of a wide range of professionals roles within the solar industry. Each product line is adapted to the size of the PV project and comes with features and benefits tailored to the specific requirement of the activity.

The newest and extended archelios™ Pro offer includes:

archelios™ Pro Free: design projects up to 36 kWp

archelios™ Pro Silver: project design up to 100 kWp

archelios™ Pro Gold: project design up to 1 MWp

archelios™ Pro Platinum: unlimited complex project dimensioning

archelios™ Pro belongs to the archelios™ Suite, a comprehensive software solution to manage the entire life-cycle of any PV project: feasibility and profitability study, simulation, calculation of producible energy, complete electrical sizing, operation, and PV monitoring.

Efficiency, quality and high-level performance is delivered by archelios™ Pro Free

The free version of archelios™ Pro is giving users access to a wide range of powerful features to manage PV projects that do not exceed a power of 36 kWp.

Users will use this free version of the software to design PV installations connected to the grid or in self-consumption operating mode. With regard to solar bankability analysis, the software provides economical and financial indicators and editable reports that support the decision-making process.

archelios™ Pro free will provide a very precise calculation of the expected solar production, as well as the best site related option and the optimal configuration for the PV array to avoid losses in energy production. Maximum safety is guaranteed as the software is provided with advanced functionalities that assist the user in the dimensioning and sizing of the inverters and the PV modules. Users can make more reliable choices in the selection of the electrical equipment, in a quicker time.

With a very ergonomic and user-friendly interface, archelios™ Pro Free is a very versatile tool, both for users who are new to photovoltaic design and for users who have more experience in this type of project.

The most advanced set of features and benefits by archelios™ Pro Silver, Gold and Platinum

The Silver, Gold, and Platinum versions are addressed at design offices and photovoltaic installers who manage PV installations connected to the grid or in isolated sites, in self-consumption operating mode, with or without energy storage. They offer a premium range of features and benefits.

The archelios™ Pro Silver version provides a geolocated 3D model that simulates the installation and each of its components, and the environment including shadows and near-masks. It includes a SketchUp plugin to recreate the structure or place where the installation will be designed by building a 3D digital model known as PV BIM, which increases the accuracy of the results because it takes into account every obstacle that may interfere with direct irradiation. It also provides a very precise calculation of the expected solar energy production and associated economic indicators (LCOE, NPV, CGA, profitability, …). In addition, the software includes a large database of multi-manufacturer references, that allows choosing the most suitable equipment to guarantee the optimum plant performance. The software includes and the possibility of simulating solar pumping installations Users can export the PV project, including the configuration of inverters and generators,  as the solution offers basic integration with the other two software of the archelios™ Suite- archelios™ Calc for the sizing and archelios™ O&M for the monitoring of PV installations. There is no need to re-enter data, so another source of errors is eliminated.

With archelios™ Pro Gold, users will enjoy high levels of efficiency thanks to the fast input functions and automatic 3D design tools, especially for wiring of junction boxes and inverters. Access to weather databases and Google Maps as for the Silver version, optimized management of self-consumption operating mode, project comparison, project exports to Autocad and CSV format are all assets that allow designers to save design time and deliver ultra-precise projects satisfying the expectations of their customers. Besides, this version includes the automatic 3D cabling optimization feature that supports the user in the PV plant electrical system design process.

Featuring Silver and Gold benefits, archelios™ Pro Platinum is by far the most outstanding and versatile PV software solution on the market. It provides designers with superior features such as clipping optimization, 3D earthmoving tool, and loss management for solar power plants. It is a sophisticated tool that guarantees impeccable performance in a more and more challenging market.

Trace Software International

Trace Software International is part of Group Trace, bound together by the common mission of delivering excellence in construction and energy solutions. The group is also formed by BIM&CO – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of digital product data for the construction industry, Green Systèmes whose main mission is to optimize the energy performance of buildings and equipment, Trace Parts– one of the world’s leading providers of 3D digital content for Engineering and Cythelia, manufacturer of software for the PV market. Trace Software International has subsidiaries in France, Spain, Morocco, Germany, China, Brazil, and the USA apart from a worldwide presence via distributors or authorized partners.


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