The packaging machinery market: an overview

Technological advances and innovation have contributed extensively to the development and growth of the global packaging machinery marketPackaging is an essential and strategic element of any business, which plays a very important role in consumer decisions. Product packaging is not an afterthought, but part of the signature of the company.

The global market for packaging machines is very fragmented and extremely competitive due to the presence of a large number of market players. However, we are talking about a very profitable market, which has very promising figures when looking to the future. The Europe Packaging Machinery Market Assessment 2017 Report foresees that the European packaging market’s value will reach 9.6€ billions in 2020. 

Regarding the sectors, some of the main applications of packaging machinery are pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, chemicals and personal care products. 

According to the same report, it is precisely the food and beverage industry that occupies a priority position in terms of profitability. There are many factors that should be taken into account. The first one is the vast increase in consumption of packaged food products worldwide. The demand for attractive and innovative packaging from the food and beverage industry will also play a big role in this scenario. In addition, there will be a greater interest in different formats (multipack and single-dose) and new materials for sustainable packaging.  The growing interest of companies to offer innovative packaging in order to attract large numbers of consumers will offer profitable opportunities to key players in the global packaging machine market.

The growth of production in the market will be accompanied by a greater focus on issues such as safety, hygiene, and energy efficiency. One of the key trends in the global packaging market will be the focus on reducing the amount of material used. Specifically, the reduction in the number of harmful polymers used in packaging will be a particularly relevant issue.  Sensitivity to the environment will be essential. The tendency will be to concentrate efforts on the use of packaging materials capable of preventing food and drink contamination, materials which can be recyclable, biodegradable and reusable.

From a geographic point of view and up to 2020, Europe confirms its position in the market, accounting for 50% of the world production. In Europe, 60% of packaging machinery production comes from Italy and Germany. North America should see substantial growth throughout the forecast period and represents a key share of the overall market. The high growth of this region can be attributed to the presence of a large number of players operating in the market.  On the other hand, Asia Pacific should see significant growth in the near future, thanks to the growing number of players investing in this region and the growing demand for packaging machinery in various sectors.

The packaging machinery industry is highly competitive. Trace Software International is positioned in the market with reliable tools for the efficient design, sizing and management of the electrical components of the packaging machinery.

elec calc™   is the CAE software solution dedicated to the sizing of electrical installations, the only one in the world that allows integrating the management of high and low voltage in the same project.

elecworks™ is the electrical drawing software for automation projects and electrical installations.  It provides all necessary features for the best design process for power and control schemes, cross-references, PLC’s, Terminals Strips, Panels, Reporting etc.

elecworks™ for PTC® Windchill® enables the efficient management of the product lifecycle effortlessly integrating the electrical data in the PLM system.

elecworks™ for PTC® Creo® ensure the smooth integration of the electrical schematic design from elecworks™ to the PTC® Creo® project.

Interdepartmental coordination and integration with ERP and/or PLM system are essential factors to consider when it comes to selecting a reliable software solution. These features promote the best design quality and a shorter development cycle.

Trace Software will participate in HISPACK 2018 – the leading Iberian fair for the packaging industry-  from the 8th to the 11th May 2018.

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    Technological advances and innovation have contributed extensively to the development and growth of the global packaging machinery market. Packaging is an essential and strategic element of any business, which plays a very important role in consumer decisions. packagingnavi is a germany based machinery service provider are it’s really popular brand. So I can highly recommend people to get their service.

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