The Groupe Trace at Batimat: excellence in construction and energy solutions

The Group Trace, with a unique experience in software design and services for the construction and energy industries, is pleased to announce its participation in the Batimat Event, which will take place from 4 to 8 November 2019 in Paris, Villepinte Exhibition Park.

Batimat is the world’s largest building and architecture fair with more than 1,700 French and international exhibitors, more than 27,000 visitors and 100 technical and strategic conferences. All construction and architecture professionals gather there to exchange and choose the innovative products and solutions for the buildings of today and tomorrow.

The Groupe Trace: excellence in construction and energy software and services

During this event, Trace Software will expose with its partner companies BIM&CO and Green Systèmes under the GroupeTrace  brand. Based in France and with an International presence, Trace Group has a unique experience in software design and services for the construction industry, with a specific emphasis on BIM, and energy processes.

Thanks to its various areas of expertise, the Trace Group offers construction professionals innovative and efficient solutions in the fields of electrical design and maintenance, energy management and digital data management within the BIM environment.

Trace Software International: design, sizing, calculation and supervision of electrical and photovoltaic installations

Trace Software will present its new developments in the electrical computing software industry and its unique proposal for photovoltaic professionals.

elec calc™ Suite is the software dedicated to engineering professionals that allows to design, size, calculate and operate electrical installations in real-time. It’s the only software in the market that integrates the management of high and low voltage in the same project and guarantees compliance with international standards.

The latest technological innovations in the elec calc™ Suite will allow contractors or technical services of companies to ensure the smooth maintenance of their electrical facilities.

elec calc™ BIM is the world’s first software that seamlessly integrates electrical computing into an open BIM process. The user can design, calculate and size the electrical installation in the digital model in IFC 4 format, generated by any 3D architecture software (Revit, ArchiCAD, SketchUp…). The latest developments in the software, such as management of junction boxes or multiple objects, will allow the user to gain even more precision of the routing.

With archelios™ Suite, Trace Software offers a unique tool that allows professionals to manage the entirety of a photovoltaic project. From feasibility and profitability study, simulation, production energy calculation, electrical sizing to the smallest details of the building, the archelios™ Suite is intended for all types of photovoltaic installations. The archelios™ Suite consists of three main applications:

· archelios™ Pro: feasibility, design, and sizing
· archelios™ Calc: calculation, audits, and compliance
· archelios™ O&M: PVBIM, supervision, and maintenance

With archelios™ Suite, Trace Software provides users with the most complete offer in the photovoltaic software industry.

BIM&CO: speed up the design and manage BIM objects as a pro with Onfly

BIM&CO is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of digital product data for the construction industry. The company will present its Onfly solution, intended for the construction stakeholders working in a BIM environment. It is a platform which allows the different teams of a construction firm or a design office to edit the data of their BIM object online and collaborate around a private, centralized and harmonized database of BIM objects.

Onfly adapts to the specific needs of each company by enabling it to build and implement its data standard. This is a private and collaborative solution since providers, suppliers or customers can access the library. With Onfly, BIM&CO offers a breakthrough innovation that has already attracted major players in the energy or building industry, as well as medium-sized companies who see it as a way to optimize the time spent on BIM software and gain a competitive advantage in modeling quality.

Green Systèmes: measure, control, and management of energy consumption of buildings and equipments

Green Systèmes is an innovative company with experience in software and electronic developments. Its main mission is to optimize the energy performance of buildings and equipment in the industrial, tertiary and community sectors.

For Green Systèmes, Batimat is an ideal opportunity to showcase the Green Solution, a unique energy management solution and the Green Box, a multi-protocol gateway that is installed in a general low-voltage table (GLVT) and collects multi-fluid data of all types in the building.

From the data collected (water, gas, electricity consumption, counting of any type of temperature, CO2, etc. …), the Green Solution allows you to create Energy Performance Indicators, alerts and thus perform pilot actions.

Trace Software, BIM and Green Systems will welcome visitors at the booth P034 – Groupe Trace Hall 5A


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