Electrical Design rules and voltage drop calculation – elecworks Tips & Tricks

In this post, we will explain a new useful feature “Design rules check”

These electrical design rules are in the form of reports, and accessible by Project>Design rules check.

They can be used to verify particular details and easily detect any design errors, avoiding extra costs in the project design.
With this new report collection, we can check all design errors of the whole project.

There are 17 new reports to check from wires or connection points without connect up to too many contacts of the part:

  • Part assigned to component but not used
  • Duplicated connection pins
  • Duplicated equipotential in same location
  • List of components which have duplicated parent symbols
  • Template design rules
  • Empty terminal strips
  • Equipotential conflict
  • List of unreferenced elements
  • List of children symbols without parent symbols
  • List of uncabling wires
  • Too many contacts of the part
  • Overloaded pins
  • List of uncabling pins
  • Unused cables
  • Voltage drop in cables
  • Voltage drop for cables in harness
  • Wire without mark

Design rules check in elecworks 2014
In this collection, we want to remark that it has been included a calculation voltage drop reports in cables.

Drop voltage calculation in elecworks 2014

Specific data have been added to the cable properties to allow you to automatically calculate the voltage drop for a cable.

Specific data in cables in elecworks2014

With this kind of reports, we can check the power loss in a cable.

*Note: This is a basic calculation, for advanced calculation, Trace Software has available elecworks Facility, to size and design your electrical installation easily.