How can I display time in revision dates in elecworks?

Purpose: Display time in revisions created on the same day.

By default, elecworks does not show time in revision dates, so you will find the following information in the revisions management:

Revisions manager in elecworks

If you want o add this information to your title block, you should go to the project’s general configuration and set the Display format field to the value %d-%m-%y %H:%M:

Project configuration in elecworks

This way you will display time in revision dates:

Revisions in elecworks project

It will also activate time in the title block’s attributes related to revision dates, and in the creation and modification date attributes from the project:

Adding information in title block in elecworks

Time displayed in revisions in elecworks

This way you will be able to differentiate revisions created on the same day.

Title block customization – elecworks™ Tips & Tricks

Customizing projects in elecworks™ often involves the insertion of logos in the title block.


First, it is important to make a copy of the title blocks provided with the software and rename them so that there is no risk of substituting the original title block.

From the context menu of the project, you can add it to the library and assign it a new name.


 Adding the title block to the library in elecworks
 Creating a new title block in elecworks



Customize the name, description, and class of your title block.


 Customizing the title block in elecworks
You can then edit it from the title block manager.
* Insert logo

Inserting a picture is done with the command. Insert image command in elecworks The image file must be opened in Paint when inserting into elecworks™
 Logo insertion in the title block in elecworks ==> Insert image command in elecworks







 Logo insertion window in elecworks
 Customized title block in elecworks
If the image is not open in Paint, you will get a box with the file name.

 How to solve image problem in title block in elecworks

You simply need to replace your project title blocks by the newly created one.


 Customized title block insertion into elecworks projects


This method of customization of your title blocks with your logos or of your customers’ title blocks in different languages and with different formats enables you to adapt to each project you are dealing with.