Do you need to display all the manufacturer information assigned to a component in the scheme?


This trick will show how to display all the manufacturer information assigned to a component in the scheme.



It is possible on the new elecworks 2018 version.
Go to Library menu > Symbols manager command, and open the symbol you need to customize, for instance:


Then go to Edit symbol menu > Insert attribute command, there are new attributes for manufacturer and reference information:


elecworks 2017 version has a different attribute correspondence:


The elecworks 2018 version data updating process will update #REF_DES_1 to #REF_MAN and #REF_DES_2 to #REF_REF automatically.

Insert #REF_MAN_ALL and #REF_REF_ALL attributes in the symbol:


Save changes, go to the drawing where -Q1 is inserted and update the symbol:


You will have this result:


You can go back to the symbol and use the Multiple attribute command from the Edit symbol menu:


In order to obtain a more accurate result:


It represents a quality improvement in your documentation.

How can I reuse 2D cabinet layout drawings?


This trick will allow to increase the quality of your project and help you to design faster your panel drawings, thanks to a feature implemented in 2017 release.


First step is to create a 2D cabinet layout as usual, inserting the different materials, like the cabinet, rails, ducts, etc. Even dimensions can be added too.

Draw a cabinet layout in elecworks

After cabinet has been set as the desired template, from the documents browser, it will be saved as project macro through the command “Create project macro”

Project macro creation command in elecworks

Data for macro should be filled under user’s decision

Data of macro should be filled in by user

The template is ready to be used in any other project, for that, just use insert project macro command from documents browser.

Project macro insertion command in elecworks

Select the macro, and in the paste special dialog, select the proper values (keep, create or associate) for any object type.

Paste special dialog in elecworks

Special attention with location, for projects with several locations, done in the project before to insert the cabinet template, the location should be associated to an existing one in order to work properly.

Location association in cabinets elecworks


Now users can have different templates for cabinets, saving a lot of time and standardizing projects.

How can I display time in revision dates in elecworks?

Purpose: Display time in revisions created on the same day.

By default, elecworks does not show time in revision dates, so you will find the following information in the revisions management:

Revisions manager in elecworks

If you want o add this information to your title block, you should go to the project’s general configuration and set the Display format field to the value %d-%m-%y %H:%M:

Project configuration in elecworks

This way you will display time in revision dates:

Revisions in elecworks project

It will also activate time in the title block’s attributes related to revision dates, and in the creation and modification date attributes from the project:

Adding information in title block in elecworks

Time displayed in revisions in elecworks

This way you will be able to differentiate revisions created on the same day.