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Why should you install a photovoltaic solar system?

Solar energy offers a clean, climate-friendly energy resource that is abundant and inexhaustible for humanity. Solar energy is the energy associated with solar radiation and it is the primary source of energy on Earth. Solar energy is what reaches the Earth in the form of electromagnetic radiation from the Sun, where it is generated by a process of natural nuclear fusion that can reach 15 million degrees centigrade.
The sun has produced energy for billions of years. This energy travels to the earth in the form of rays. The sun’s rays transmit two main forms of energy:
light energy, in the form of photons, which can be converted into electrical energy using certain materials that release electrons in a natural way when exposed to light. This phenomenon, known as “photovoltaic effect”, is the basis of all solar energy systems.
thermal energy, or heat, which we have always used to heat our homes and greenhouses, for example.

How does the transformation of solar energy into photovoltaic energy happen?

The term photovoltaic derives from the “phos“, which means light and “Volt” from the name of the Italian scientist Alessandro Volta, inventor of the pile. The sun is a form of clean and renewable energy, which is converted into electricity without any combustion process.
Solar panels are predominantly made of materials that are known to have the property of naturally converting sunlight into electrical energy.
These materials are known as semiconductors. The production of electricity using the sun is obtained thanks to the reverse photoelectric effect of the junction, which manifests itself in the semiconductor.
When sunlight hits these semiconductors, they release free electrons to move, which are channeled through the device and produce an electric current.

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Why then install a photovoltaic solar system?

The decision to self-produce clean electricity through solar irradiation has over time become an option not only convenient and responsible, but increasingly economical and intelligent.
The photovoltaic installations, in fact, concurrently allow the cutting of energy costs, energy self-sufficiency and a lower impact of the variations linked to the individual tariffs of energy distributors. The convenience of a photovoltaic solar system depends, in any case, on several factors including geographic positioning, compatibility with local conditions such as local temperature and inclination of photovoltaic modules or incentives policies.
Installing a photovoltaic solar system today can represent a way to avoid the insecurity of the fluctuations in energy prices. The primary energy source, the sun, has no supply costs and is available to an almost infinite extent.
With a 30% rate of growth expected in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, and France, the PV market in Europe is blooming. The causes are not to be found in incentive policies but rather in lowering costs and technological innovations.

The archelios™ suite is the Trace Software International software solution to conceive the entire photovoltaic installation. This cutting-edge software provides solar professionals with innovative and powerful features to improve the performance of their photovoltaic project as it permits to work on common data and at the utmost accuracy. From feasibility study, 3D simulation, electrical sizing to PV monitoring, this is a comprehensive software solution.


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