How to show data location in a cabinet drawing?

During the electrical cabinet manufacturing, the panelist is required to possess some technical data of the cabinet in different drawings.


cabinet elecworks™ by Trace Software International



For this purpose, elecworks™ – the electrical CAD software-  disposes of connection labels symbols. Those will show the information of the component or of the associated part and also all the data related to the item, such as location, technical data, descriptions, connections, etc.


Description of user data by Trace Software International


As shown in the image, not only the values of the user data are shown in the symbol. Also,  if a ‘#’ is added to the definition of the attribute, the description of the project will be shown in the drawing.


Connections labels are the perfect solution to show information about any component at any place in the electrical project. In addition, these symbols can be inserted so many times as needed saving up times and gaining in efficiency.

10 reasons why elecworks™ is a winning electrical CAD software by Trace Software International

10 reasons why elecworks™ is a winning electrical CAD software

elecworks™  is an electrical CAD software for the design of automation projects and electrical installations. Since 1987 Trace Software International has been a global leader in the development of software solutions (CAD & CAE) and consultancy services for the industrial engineering, with unique expertise in the design of electrical installations.

Why electrical professionals choose elecworks™?

  • elecworks™ is easy to use and intuitive. This software adopts the standard of Windows, including a multi-level UNDO/REDO button for all the features. Also, in the boards of commands, assistance and controls parameter are available. You can save time, avoid the hassle and focus on the electrical design.
  • Many are the features that make elecworks™ a smart design tool, with an overall unmatched automation levelYou can generate electrical schemes through an excel file or use a macro. Macros enable creating a set of functions or types of processes which are reusable. Save design time and increase your productivity thanks to this project standardization functions which also avoid error occurrence.
  • The innovative wiring diagram is a unique feature of elecworks™. This application allows describing the installation through the logical diagram representing the different equipment and the links between them. The description via the synoptic allows to quickly define the equipment and cables and can also be used as a cost estimation tool for a project.
  • Real time multi-users platform dramatically improves the time- to -market, as it allows to work simultaneously while all changes and their derived automation are visible in real time by all members of teams.
  • Trace Software International’ Electrical Content Portal is directly accessible through elecworks™ software. Linked to a world-leading digital engineering 3D content company – Trace Parts, it represents the worldwide renown leading platform with the most comprehensive database of manufacturers certified data.
  • The consistency of data is guaranteed throughout the electrical project thanks to the digital model of the installation, which is basically a database that contains all the information of the installation, from the symbols and links to the complete description of the components and cables. This information is available in real time and for all the users.
  • Quality documentation in multiple languages. During the electrical design process, elecworks™ alerts the user whether an error is detected, to avoid unexpected expenses. The performance of your project is enhanced, and the accuracy of the design empowered to provide a project as close as possible to the production conditions. This electrical CAD software is available in 14 languages.
  • The integration with 3D CAD platform (PTC CREO), ERP and PLM (PTC Windchill) software make elecworks™ a comprehensive software solution for industry professional who is looking to improve their strategic positioning in the market.
  • elecworks™ adapts to your own workflow. Plan your own electrical design project. You can start at any stage of the project, decide who is going to collaborate and where to allocate your resources. elecworks™ is a functional and flexible software which enhance the engineering project by helping avoiding bottleneck in the process.
  • Personalization. You can create customizable documentation as the BOM, thanks to elecworks™ SQL database engine. Add queries, filter, customize your documentation, select the information you need, and create templates in with just a few steps.

It is easy to get started. You can ask for a trial version HERE.

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How is it possible to show the cross references table format in the line diagram?

By default, in the line diagram drawings, the cross reference format is a text.
Planos sinoptico Trace Software International

You can set the symbol to have a table format like the one that appears in the scheme drawings.

Planos tipo esquema Trace Software International

To do this you have to select the symbol, right click button, Symbol properties.

Propiedades del símbolo Trace Software International
Set the Cross references type field as Parent in table and accept.
Tipo de referencia cruzada  Trace Software International
Please note the result will be as following:
resultado referencias cruzadas Trace Software International
In this way it is possible to increase the level of information provided in the line diagram, allowing to generate a more precise documentation.
Keep in mind that the modifications made only affect the selected symbol, you can change the configuration of the Cross references type field in the library. To do this please select the symbol, right click button, Symbol, Open symbol.
Panel de Propriedades Trace Software International
This will take us to the symbol in the library, the Properties panel allows you to set the Cross reference type.
Tipo de referencia cruzada Trace Software International
We save the symbol and return to the line diagram, when we insert it again it will have the Cross references type property set as Parent in table. If we want to update the symbols previously inserted in the project, we must select a symbol, right click button, Symbol, and Update.
Símbolo y Actualizar Trace Software International
This allows updating the selected symbol, those inserted in the same drawing or in the project.
actualizar símbolo seleccionado Trace Software International
In this way, you will be able to update the whole project.

the packaging machinery market an overview by Trace Software

The packaging machinery market: an overview

Technological advances and innovation have contributed extensively to the development and growth of the global packaging machinery marketPackaging is an essential and strategic element of any business, which plays a very important role in consumer decisions. Product packaging is not an afterthought, but part of the signature of the company.

The global market for packaging machines is very fragmented and extremely competitive due to the presence of a large number of market players. However, we are talking about a very profitable market, which has very promising figures when looking to the future. The Europe Packaging Machinery Market Assessment 2017 Report foresees that the European packaging market’s value will reach 9.6€ billions in 2020. 

Regarding the sectors, some of the main applications of packaging machinery are pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, chemicals and personal care products. 

According to the same report, it is precisely the food and beverage industry that occupies a priority position in terms of profitability. There are many factors that should be taken into account. The first one is the vast increase in consumption of packaged food products worldwide. The demand for attractive and innovative packaging from the food and beverage industry will also play a big role in this scenario. In addition, there will be a greater interest in different formats (multipack and single-dose) and new materials for sustainable packaging.  The growing interest of companies to offer innovative packaging in order to attract large numbers of consumers will offer profitable opportunities to key players in the global packaging machine market.

The growth of production in the market will be accompanied by a greater focus on issues such as safety, hygiene, and energy efficiency. One of the key trends in the global packaging market will be the focus on reducing the amount of material used. Specifically, the reduction in the number of harmful polymers used in packaging will be a particularly relevant issue.  Sensitivity to the environment will be essential. The tendency will be to concentrate efforts on the use of packaging materials capable of preventing food and drink contamination, materials which can be recyclable, biodegradable and reusable.

From a geographic point of view and up to 2020, Europe confirms its position in the market, accounting for 50% of the world production. In Europe, 60% of packaging machinery production comes from Italy and Germany. North America should see substantial growth throughout the forecast period and represents a key share of the overall market. The high growth of this region can be attributed to the presence of a large number of players operating in the market.  On the other hand, Asia Pacific should see significant growth in the near future, thanks to the growing number of players investing in this region and the growing demand for packaging machinery in various sectors.

The packaging machinery industry is highly competitive. Trace Software International is positioned in the market with reliable tools for the efficient design, sizing and management of the electrical components of the packaging machinery.

elec calc™   is the CAE software solution dedicated to the sizing of electrical installations, the only one in the world that allows integrating the management of high and low voltage in the same project.

elecworks™ is the electrical drawing software for automation projects and electrical installations.  It provides all necessary features for the best design process for power and control schemes, cross-references, PLC’s, Terminals Strips, Panels, Reporting etc.

elecworks™ for PTC® Windchill® enables the efficient management of the product lifecycle effortlessly integrating the electrical data in the PLM system.

elecworks™ for PTC® Creo® ensure the smooth integration of the electrical schematic design from elecworks™ to the PTC® Creo® project.

Interdepartmental coordination and integration with ERP and/or PLM system are essential factors to consider when it comes to selecting a reliable software solution. These features promote the best design quality and a shorter development cycle.

Trace Software will participate in HISPACK 2018 – the leading Iberian fair for the packaging industry-  from the 8th to the 11th May 2018.

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How is it possible to handle bus wires in elecworks™?

For elecworks™ onboard or schemes with a lot of wires, sometimes is hard to read. Also, connecting several wires from one place to another one could be something tedious as steps to do that can consume a lot of time and not always are user friendly. Learn how to handle bus wires in elecworks™


  • Marking each wire, later insert automatic origin destination arrows
  • Or joining manually each wire through insert origin destination arrows command


wires joined by arrows Trace Software International


With this trick, user can get as result something similar to:


wires joined by arrows final result Trace Software International




Thanks to hyper passing circuit’s characteristic, wires can be joined automatically by customized symbols. Inside of elecworks™, user can find out several examples about these symbols under origin destination classification.


Symbols bus wires tips&tricks by Trace Software International


Steps to join wires with them are

  • Insert symbol command
  • Select the symbol more suitable according to the number ow wires
  • Insert it at the end of the wires
  • Give a mark
  • Repeat previous steps with the other wires to be joined with the firstly, the symbol maybe should be rotated and must be associated to the previous one


Also, in this way, user can get the control about this buses from component browser.



Component browser by Trace Software International


Looking at wire cabling order, these symbols are transparent, so they will not appear in connection reports.


wire cabling order Trace Software International



In this way, schemes can be simpler. Also, users can save time as just 2 symbols can join so many wires as user’s decision.

Removing one symbol, user does not lose the other one, keeping for a future use. The purpose of this Tips&Tricks is to group several wires in a bus and connect them in another project place.

Do you need to display all the manufacturer information assigned to a component in the scheme?


This trick will show how to display all the manufacturer information assigned to a component in the scheme.



It is possible on the new elecworks 2018 version.
Go to Library menu > Symbols manager command, and open the symbol you need to customize, for instance:


Then go to Edit symbol menu > Insert attribute command, there are new attributes for manufacturer and reference information:


elecworks 2017 version has a different attribute correspondence:


The elecworks 2018 version data updating process will update #REF_DES_1 to #REF_MAN and #REF_DES_2 to #REF_REF automatically.

Insert #REF_MAN_ALL and #REF_REF_ALL attributes in the symbol:


Save changes, go to the drawing where -Q1 is inserted and update the symbol:


You will have this result:


You can go back to the symbol and use the Multiple attribute command from the Edit symbol menu:


In order to obtain a more accurate result:


It represents a quality improvement in your documentation.

How can I reuse 2D cabinet layout drawings?


This trick will allow to increase the quality of your project and help you to design faster your panel drawings, thanks to a feature implemented in 2017 release.


First step is to create a 2D cabinet layout as usual, inserting the different materials, like the cabinet, rails, ducts, etc. Even dimensions can be added too.

Draw a cabinet layout in elecworks

After cabinet has been set as the desired template, from the documents browser, it will be saved as project macro through the command “Create project macro”

Project macro creation command in elecworks

Data for macro should be filled under user’s decision

Data of macro should be filled in by user

The template is ready to be used in any other project, for that, just use insert project macro command from documents browser.

Project macro insertion command in elecworks

Select the macro, and in the paste special dialog, select the proper values (keep, create or associate) for any object type.

Paste special dialog in elecworks

Special attention with location, for projects with several locations, done in the project before to insert the cabinet template, the location should be associated to an existing one in order to work properly.

Location association in cabinets elecworks


Now users can have different templates for cabinets, saving a lot of time and standardizing projects.

How can I display time in revision dates in elecworks?

Purpose: Display time in revisions created on the same day.

By default, elecworks does not show time in revision dates, so you will find the following information in the revisions management:

Revisions manager in elecworks

If you want o add this information to your title block, you should go to the project’s general configuration and set the Display format field to the value %d-%m-%y %H:%M:

Project configuration in elecworks

This way you will display time in revision dates:

Revisions in elecworks project

It will also activate time in the title block’s attributes related to revision dates, and in the creation and modification date attributes from the project:

Adding information in title block in elecworks

Time displayed in revisions in elecworks

This way you will be able to differentiate revisions created on the same day.


Celebrating the opening of first elecworks™ intelligent electrical design teaching center of Hangzhou-Xiaoshan, China.

Trace Software International, leading company in the creation of design software solutions for the electrical engineering, is thrilled to announce that last Wednesday June 14, 2017 the first “elecworks™ intelligent electrical design teaching center” of Hangzhou- Xiaoshan in Zhejiang, province of China, has been inaugurated.

The Hangzhou- Xiaoshan Technician Institute will proudly host the first elecworks™ intelligent electrical design teaching center of Zhejiang, province of China.

Dr. Pedro Puig, CEO of Trace Software International, said that the choice of the Hangzhou- Xiaoshan Technician Institute as the first elecworks™ intelligent electrical design teaching center, is excellent. They aim to share the advanced experience of western intelligent control and the innovation of technology with teachers and students.

The Hangzhou- Xiaoshan Technician Institute has chosen elecworks™ as the most suitable tool for training the future leading generation of electrical engineers.

elecworks™ is an electrical CAD system designed for design professionals in engineering. The software is based on a digital model representative database installation or machine. This database allows to work on different views, depending on project needs, while ensuring the integrity of project data. It also allows the simultaneous collaborative work on the same project.

Some of the main advantages of the interactive elecworks™ are:

  • Multi- users simultaneous access in the same project
  • An exceptional simplicity of use
  • Enables the partial or complete automatic creation of a project
  • Electrical content portal
  • Open and communicating product built on a database
  • New way to design with the wiring diagram
  • Integration with the 3D CAD

elecworks electrical design CAD

Mr. Xuhongping, President of Hangzhou- Xiaoshan Technician Institute and Mr. Wu Hongxia, Vice President have hosted Dr. Pedro PUIG, CEO of Trace Software international and Mr. Rui Wan, General Manager of China. They have been very glad to attend the opening ceremony, all together with the teachers and with the students of the Department of Intelligent Control.

The project is very promising; however, these are not Trace Software International’ first steps in the educational field.

The first center of China was set up in Tsinghua University since March 2014 after satisfactory tests and validating new 2D and 3D unification options brought by elecworks™ to the electromechanical arena.

The Hangzhou- Xiaoshan Technician Institute is the first center in Zhejiang Province. The reason of adopting elecworks™ is that the students here are interested in practice and the teachers prefer to teach as per the requirements of enterprises.

Learning by doing is the teaching method for active learning, adopted in the best educational institutions around the world. It is not just a trend, it is a real-life, strategic and favorable simulation-  teaching method.

Trace Software proposes an Academy Offer available worldwide which is perfectly adaptable to the market ‘needs.

elecworks™, already trusted by more than thirty thousand professionals worldwide, can also be used as a strategic tool for teaching purposes. In fact, the software solution offers a hands-on approach, essential to get accurate knowledge of the design process. To facilitate the use of its software range at school, Trace Software International proposes specific licenses allowing easy installations for both teachers and students.

Trace Software Hangzhou Meeting

Hangzhou- Xiaoshan Technician Institute

Mixed Symbols: Definition and Creation

Purpose: Connect wires and show cross references information using one symbol.

Introduction: In order to do so, the user currently uses 2 symbols:

  • Multi-wire symbol: to connect wires;
  • Connection label: to show cross reference information.

It means that the user needs to work twice more and consequently might do errors.

This “Tips & Tricks” details how to create a mixed symbol that can be connected and can show cross references at the same time. A temperature driver for transformers will be used as example.

Below you will learn how to create a single component aimed at regulating the temperatures of electrical transformers.

Mixed Symbol 1


A multi-wire symbol is created with circuits and connection points for the power supply and PTC inputs (1). Then connection label attributes will be added, following the previously connection points order number (2). This action will be carried out by copying, pasting and renaming the existing attributes, because it is impossible to insert a connection label attribute in a multi-wire symbol automatically.

Mixed Symbol 2

Once the symbol is inserted and an appropriate manufacturer reference is associated to it, the component will be as following:


When different contacts are inserted and associated to the component, the cross-reference information will appear automatically.



Thanks to only one block, two kinds of symbol are merged to connect wires and show cross references information, while minimizing the chances of error and maximizing your working time and productivity.

Note: These symbols and references are available on our Electrical Content Portal.