Trace Software International sells elecworks™, the electrical CAD software, to Dassault Systèmes Solidworks

Trace Software International participates in Matelec Industry

Matelec Industry announces its next edition. The International Exhibition of the Industry Solutions and Smart Factory will celebrate the technological innovations of its 250 international exhibitors. Trace Software International, the leading player in passion for high-performance engineering electrical software solutions, confirms its participation in the event. Meet them from the 13th to the 16th of November at the Ifema – Feria de Madrid in Spain- Booth 4D02.

The event will focus on five major topicsAutomatec (Automation of processes, industry, and energy), digital factory, control solutions and industrial energy management, industrial electronics, electrical and telecommunications systems.

Matelec Industry turns its gaze to the future and with the motto “Transforming connectivity in industrial productivity” it emphasizes the power of technology in revolutionizing business models and establishing innovative approaches. In this scenario,  the interoperability, interactivity, automation, transparency of information and the security become imperative.

Trace Software International combines its technical and strategic knowledge in industrial engineering & its unique expertise in electrical engineering with the constant investments in innovation. The company provides last generation software solutions to the industry professionals.

Its Software Solutions: 

– elec calc™ is the software for the sizing of electrical installations used by professionals in the industry. It guarantees maximum safety thanks to its powerful engine that updates, in real time, the calculations of the installation. It complies with the main International standards (C15-100, C13-100 standards, International IEC standard) and it allows the calculations of the arc flash figures. It is the only one software in the world which integrates the management of high and low voltage in the same project.
– elecworks™ 2019 is the electric CAD for the electrical installations and for the automation projects. It has intelligent functions (such as macros) that allow the automated creation of the electric project. With great customization possibilities, it provides professionals with an intuitive and user-friendly experience.
– elecworks™ for PTC Creo allows to easily integrate the elecworks™ wiring diagram into the PTC® Creo® project. elecworks™ for PTC® Creo® technology enables faster development of schematically defined electrical systems that can readily be implemented in the 3D CAD models. Real-time synchronization of the electrical schematics and 3D CAD models enable unification of the Bill of Materials (BOM) between the electrical system and the mechanical design, helping to eliminate errors resulting from design changes.
– elecworks ™ for PTC Windchill is the software that allows the integration of the electrical data into the PLM system. It covers the entire value chain offering a real competitive advantage. The integrated PLM software technology accelerates time-to-market, brings operational efficiency, productivity and increases innovation.

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The event:

MATELEC has consolidated itself as the place where passion for construction converges. The event proposes a multidisciplinary perspective on the topic, which involves all the players in the whole value chain. Therefore, the main event includes also Construtec, BIMExpo, Archistone, Matelec Lighting, Veteco, and Matelec Industry, each of them dedicated to a specific industry segment. 80.000 visitors are expected to this next edition.

Trace Software International will also participate in BIMExpo, the event which focuses on BIM, the revolutionary digital process within the building industry. The company will showcase elec calc™ BIM together with his partner BIM&CO.

elec calc™ BIM is the world’s first calculation software that seamlessly integrates elec calc™, the electrical tool used in design projects, into an Open BIM process. elec calc™ BIM user will gain a direct access to all the information and data regarding the BIM objects in the open platform of BIM&CO.  Finally, all the calculated data and added properties will be sent back to Revit, in addition to all the calculation notes and data regarding the one-line diagram.


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Trace Software International participates in Elec Expo

Trace Software International participates in Elec Expo

Once again Trace Software International is ready to fly to Morocco to take part in Elec Expo – the reference fair for the electricity, lighting, electrical engineering and industrial automation sectors of Africa. From 24 to 27 October, the event will be held at the Casablanca International Fairgrounds. 

Since 1987 Trace Software International has positioned itself as a global leader in the conception of avant-garde software solutions, with a unique specialization in the field of electricity, that is where the company’s core business resides.

Elec Expo is an unmissable event, as it represents the ideal opportunity to highlight the urgency of the African power issue. In fact, 600 million Africans still live in the dark, with a greater concentration in rural areas. Furthermore, the country is characterized by a low access rate and a lack of reliable facilities. Electricity consumption and economic development are closely linked, therefore promoting access to electricity is key to the development of Africa.

In addition, the fair is an excellent platform for promoting networking between African government, investors and local and international companies. The goal is to unite all the actors of the value chain in a unison effort in identifying the priorities of the country’s agenda and in the consequent proposition of efficient solutions.

Trace Software International, which has a head office in Morocco and a network of distributors in the rest of the African continent, will showcase the latest-generation software solutions able to meet the needs of the various segments of the industry. These software tools have helped engineering professionals to set up a new technological approach within their organizations, capable of guaranteeing concrete competitive advantages in terms of time, quality and performance.
Its software solutions:

  • elec calc™ is a software package that allows the calculation in real time of electrical systems. This is the only one solution in the world that integrates the management of low and high voltage, in compliance with various international standards.
  • elec calc™ BIM is the first calculation software that seamlessly integrates elec calc ™ – the tool used for sizing electrical installations – in the Open BIM process.
  • elecworks™ is the electrical CAD software specifically conceived for the design of automation projects and electrical installations.
  • archelios™ suite is the solution allowing the entire management any photovoltaic project. From the feasibility study up to the complete generation of the calculation notes and the documentation necessary for the realization.

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The stakes are enormous. Indeed, the fulfillment of the economic and social promises of the region and of Africa, in general, depends on the ability of the government and companies to develop the continent’s enormous electric capacity. Therefore, decisive actions to promote access to electricity are urgently needed. Take advantage of Elec Expo, which has involved 7.632 visitors and 196 exhibitors in its latest edition, to analyze the African energy sector from a privileged perspective. Trace Software International awaits you at the booth J22.

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Trace Software International partners with Chinese giant Lyric Robot

Trace Software International partners with Chinese giant Lyric Robot

Last week the Chinese team of Trace Software International successfully overcame its last challenge – a fruitful deal with China Guangdong Lyric Robot Intelligent Equipment (Lyric Robot), the leading giant in the automated industry.

The high-tech enterprise chose Trace Software international- the notable company with an unparalleled experience in electrical engineering – as a strategic partner for an ambitious project: “elecworks™ for PTC Creo & elecworks™ for PTC Windchill electrical design project navigation”.

The project’s primary objective is to guarantee to Robot Lyrics the reliable implementation of a new operational and technological approach for the design of the electrical system of the packaging machines and for the intelligent and integrated management of the processes.

elecworks celebration in China by Trace Software International


The Chinese giant will use the following Trace Software International’ solutions:

elecworks™  is the worldwide bestselling electrical CAD software for automation projects and electrical installations. It provides all necessary features for the best design process for power and control schemes, cross-references, PLC’s, Terminals Strips, Panels, Reporting etc.

elecworks™ for PTC® Windchill® enables the efficient management of the product lifecycle, effortlessly integrating the electrical data in the PLM system. The operating logic of the PLM is based on the shared access of information, resources, and processes related to a product or service throughout its life cycle. The PLM, therefore, provides an integrated and essential framework with multiple benefits such as costs, quality and time-to-market optimization, automation of product data management, interdisciplinary collaborations, and safety monitoring.

elecworks™ for PTC® Creo® ensures the smooth integration of the electrical schematic design from elecworks™ to the PTC® Creo® project. It enables faster development of schematically defined electrical systems that can readily be implemented in the 3D CAD models. Faster design, synchronized plans, up-to-date documentation, reduced costs throughout the product lifecycle are some of the benefits.

Packaging machinery is a highly competitive market, but yet very profitable. Long-term investment in cutting-edge software solutions, able to reinforce the company competitive position in the market,  is a strategic and profitable move.


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BIM: Trends, Benefits, Risks, and Future for the AEC Industry by Trace Software International

BIM: Trends, Benefits, Risks, and Future for the AEC Industry

The reality of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) has become a necessary tool in the building industry and Trace-Software is at the leading-edge by combining electrical calculation and sizing with BIM.


An Emerging Trend

The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry has always pursued techniques to reduce-costs of projects while at the same time, increase-productivity, quality, and reduce-delivery -time.

The building information modelling (BIM) has increased in use over the last 6 years as an innovative way to design and manage projects. By adopting BIM, it can improve building performance and operations due to its collaborative approach.

As the use of BIM globally grows, collaboration within project teams will also increase, which will lead to improved profitability, reduced costs and better management of time.


A Growing Trend Across AEC Industry

BIM simulates the construction project in a virtual setting. With BIM technology, an accurate model of a building, known as a building information model, is digitally produced.

The building information model contains precise geometry and relevant data needed to support the design, procurement, fabrication, and construction activities required to realize the building.

A building information model characterizes the geometry, spatial relationships, geographic-information, quantities and properties of building elements, cost estimates, material inventories, and project schedule.


Benefits of BIM

A building information model can be used for some of the following purposes:

  • Visualization: easily produced 3D renderings
  • Fabrication: generate drawings for various building systems
  • Cost estimating: BIM software has built-in cost estimating features, reduce-delivery -time
  • Construction sequencing: coordinate material ordering, fabrication, and delivery schedules for all building components
  • Conflict, interference, and collision detection: can be instantly and automatically checked for interferences
  • Forensic analysis: graphically illustrate potential failures, leaks, evacuation plans
  • Facilities management: for renovations, maintenance operations and planning of space


BIM Mandatory

The concept of BIM and its implementation is quickly becoming compulsory on all centrally procured public sector and private sector projects in many countries around the world.

The USA was perhaps one of the first countries to adopt the use of BIM and has taken significant steps in this regard. For example, General Services Administration (GSA) in 2003, established a National 3D-4D-BIM Program through its Public Buildings Service (PBS) to support the use of BIM and mandated the use of BIM for all projects from 2007.

Many organisations have taken important steps to review and adopt the new approach of BIM by appointing a BIM manager to address how BIM is used, for example. Below are some of the countries already using or aiming to implement BIM standards.


UK – Completed adaptation by April 2016

FI, NO, SW – Complete adaptation by 2010

GE – Adaptation led by private sectors aided by Government

HK – Complete adaptation since 2014/15

MA – To implemented by 2020

UAE – Mandatory from 2014 for big projects, broader since 2015

SP – Mandatory from 2018 for major projects, 2020 all others

ES – Making BIM priority in public sector projects by 2018

US – Mandatory design stage 2006 for Public Building System


BIM Legal

The way of designing the construction of buildings is changing with the utilisation of BIM. It is now becoming a legal standard for most countries and those not using it are working towards using it.

BIM Risks

There are potential risks associated with BIM that can be separated into two broad categories: legal (or contractual) and technical.

The need to protect BIM-data through copyright laws and other channels can cause issues if it is not property set-out.

A way to deal with these risks is to ave collaborative, integrated project –  Delivery contracts, in which the risks of using BIM-data are shared among the project participants along with the rewards. This will help assist stakeholders define the model management, frameworks and ensure traceability.


BIM Future

The financial and productivity benefits of using BIM-data within the AEC industry are widely known. The technology to implement BIM is available and rapidly growing, ensuring the growth of the concept. With a standardisation of Levels and more and more countries adhering to the standard, BIM is here to stay.


By James Glass – The Tech Insider @tracesoftware


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