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elecworks™ 2019: what is new?

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Trace Software International, with a unique passion for the design of high-performance software solutions for electrical engineering since 1987, announces that elecworks™ 2019 is available on the market from October.


User interface

New options have been added to the user interface to increase the interactivity.

  • Interface compatible with 4k
    The complete interface has been updated with the new icons. Now ribbons, menus, dockable panels, etc will have brand new icons. The newest icons guarantee an even better interactivity. Its new interface, compatible with the 4k resolution, will allow the user having a better resolution and a sharper view.

elecworks™ 2019 by Trace Software International - 4 k resolution


  • New option “Dimension Unit”
    With this new version, the user will be able to choose the units to display wires, cables, and manufacturer parts. The dimensions can now be displayed in millimeters or inches. This new option will help companies in the internationalization of their projects.
  • New button in the project configuration
    In the project configuration dialog box, the button “Apply” has been added. The user can save the parameters and see the changes without exiting the dialog box while saving time in the configuration of the project.



New features and enhancements have been added to allow a faster and smarter project design.

  • Inserting macros. New command
    It is possible to insert the macros directly from the menu. A new command to insert a macro has been added in the schematic and in the line diagram menus. This new command allows saving space on the screen, hiding the macros palette and improving ergonomics since there is no need to change the PC screen.
  • Converting types of drawings
    Accessible from the drawing properties dialog box, the users can now change the type of drawing. A schematic or line diagram drawing can be converted into a mixed scheme drawing, saving time by avoiding to re-design the scheme or duplicate the drawing.
  • PLC manager. New command
    A new command allows to go from the contextual menu of the list of circuits to the drawing, now user can open the drawing in which the symbol representing the I/O is inserted. This means an important improvement in terms of usability for the user.
  • Archiving improvement
    A specific improvement has been developed in the archive command. The user will find now a new wizard to manage the external files to store when archiving the projects, like 3D files, images, etc. This will help the users to keep projects and all documents related archived.
  • Wiring cabling order navigation
    A “Go to” command is added on the contextual menu of the component in the wiring cabling order dialog. It will be helpful for identifying and detecting possible errors and find out the component quickly in the scheme.
  • Renumbering components. Type of symbol choice
    A new parameter has been added to the project configuration dialog. From the 2019 version, users can choose the priority for renumbering components. This choice can be between multiwire symbols and line diagram symbols. Thus, the user can assign the priority to components inserted in different types of drawings. This is especially useful for those users that include the drawing number in the component mark. In this way, they can define the drawing where the multiwire symbol is inserted.
  • Connectors graphical representation
    New parameters have been added to the connector configuration. Dynamic connectors can be customized from the shape, break, and position of the connection poles, giving the user more flexibility to create connectors according to needs. * Available only in elecworks™ Onboard licenses.

connectors graphical representation of elecworks™ 2019 by Trace Software International

  • Inserting macros from XLS Automation
    Now it is possible to insert the project macros and the specific schemes from a project through the XLS Automation command, reducing the number of macros needed for the automation projects.



A greater usability to get the information needed.


  • Views for reports customization
    Newest views have been added to the report database, helping to create complex relationships between tables for new reports. Reports customization is now easier than ever and without any SQL advanced knowledge requirement.



Views for report customization with elecworks™ by Trace Software International


  • Hyperlinks in report drawings
    The new hyperlinks allow the user to navigate to the different parts of the project in an easy and practical way straight from the report. Links are automatically generated in the reports drawing. The user can now navigate to a drawing, function or location amongst others from the reports drawing.



More options and details for your electrical symbol library

  • Electrical assemblies in the project
    The super parts are now named “Electrical Assembly”, the special component that gathers various references under a unique material reference and its management have been improved. In addition, they can be now stored in the project, allowing listings of materials grouped by assemblies or equipment.


electrical assemblies of elecworks™ 2019 by Trace Software International

  • Black box information
    Now you can customize what information to show in the connection points and attributes of the black boxes, parameterizing the values according to templates and clients.
  • Wire/Cable termination types
    Termination types are used to define how the cable cores or the wires are connected to the components. A new library of terminations is available within elecworks™. In addition, these terminations are selectable from the components, allowing to make a list of the number of the terminations used
    throughout the project.


Active subscribers can download this new version from Trace Software support area.

The full list of the new features and improvements of our 2019 version is available in the Help menu or by pressing the F1 key.



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Trace Software International teams up with Luo Yang Economics School in China

Trace Software International teams up with Luo Yang Economics School in China

Last week Trace Software International announced a strategic partnership with the Luo Yang Economics School in China to provide the next generation of electrical engineering students with the know-how for competitive success.  The happening has been celebrated during the “School-Enterprise Cooperation Signing Ceremony”, which has taken place in the University on the 18th of October.

In their training, the students will adopt elecworks™–  the electrical CAD for the design of electrical installations and automation projects and elec calc™ – the software for size low voltage and high voltage electrical installations. This practical and innovative approach, known as “learning by doing” is all about learning through experience to acquire awareness on the process’  best practices and the skills to solve real problems. Thanks to the strategic simulation of realistic situations, the students will dispose of the right set of skills to succeed in the future workplace.


Trace Software International teams up with Luo Yang Economics School in China



This is the main purpose of the “elecworks™ Electrical Design Certification Center” and of the  “elec calc™ Electrical Calculation Center” in the Luo Yang Economics School in China.


Trace Software International is a global leader in the development of software solutions (CAD & CAE) and consultancy services for the industrial engineering, with a unique expertise in the design of electrical installations within Manufacturing, Energy, Building, Medical, Process & Plant and Transportation industries.



Trace Software International teams up with Luo Yang Economics School in China



CEO Pedro Puig by Trace Software International


The industrial landscape is changing, and companies need to harness the power to emerging technologies to stay competitive. If we provide students with the right expertise, they will represent a valuable asset for any organization just right after their graduation” said Pedro PuigCEO of Trace Software International.



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elec calc™ BIM software is officially available for sale Trace Software International

elec calc™ BIM software is officially available for sale

Trace Software International, the global leader in electrical engineering since 1987, announces the official launch of the elec calc™ BIM software, the first tool in the world that seamlessly integrates electrical calculation into the BIM process.

When we talk about Building Information Modeling (BIM) we are not talking about a trend, but about a real digital revolution in the building sector, ready to break up obsolete schemes and processes.
For a long time, the engineering and construction sectors were looking for tools to increase the productivity and quality of their projects by reducing costs and delivery times. BIM has positioned itself in these sectors as the ideal tool for achieving these goals.

Innovation is at the heart of Trace Software International journey. This is why the company has soon followed the digital evolution of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to meet the business needs of construction professionals, integrating calculation and electrical design into the BIM process.
With the commercialization of elec calc™ BIM, Trace Software offers electrical professionals a cutting-edge and innovative software that allows them to improve the performance of their electrical installations dimensioning projects.

With the arrival of BIM, we have for the first time in almost thirty years,  an exceptional opportunity to make a profound change in the way we conceive our electrical design software.” With elec calc ™ BIM, the user has at his disposal a digital model, capable of simulating most of the installation parameters, which saves hundreds of hours of work, provides more rigorous design, and implies an immense economic advantage “, says Etienne Mullie, Trace Software International R&D Manager.

elec calc ™ BIM: an essential solution for electrical engineering

It is the first software in the world that perfectly integrates the electrical calculation in the BIM process. With elec calc™ BIM, the user can design, calculate and size the electrical installation in the digital model in IFC 4 format, generated by any 3D architecture software (Revit, ArchiCAD, SketchUp …).

For REVIT users, the elec calc™ BIM plug-in optimizes collaboration between the two programs. The compatibility with the electrical objects available on the BIM&CO platform is also an important resource for integrating and calculating the products of the manufacturers.

elec calc™ BIM offers unique routing capabilities. The user calculates the lengths of the cables generated in the digital model and it is also possible to perform different simulations to compare different routing scenarios. The 3D model allows for conflict detection and the BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) technology, integrated into the software, allows you to manage all communications and alerts with other operators.

elec calc™ BIM is the exclusive electrical design solution for professionals who keep up with the times and want to take full advantage of this breakthrough industry innovation.

Getting started is easy. Request a trial version.

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The challanges of the electrical design of a power plant by Trace Software International

The challanges of the electrical design of a power plant

Trace Software International will exhibit at HISPACK

Trace Software International will exhibit at HISPACK

In its next edition Hispack – the leading Iberian fair for the packaging industry- will welcome 1.100 global exhibitors on a 39,000m2 total surface area of La Fira in Barcelona. Trace Software International, successful in delivering reliable and innovative electrical engineering solutions since 1987, confirms its assistance to the event from the 8th to the 11th May 2018.

The value proposition of Hispack 2018 is to create valuable and rewarding connections between all the actors involved in the packaging life cycle (supply, manufacturing, distribution, use, and end of life) to boost innovation and shape the future of the industry.

As highlighted by Javier Riera-Marsá – the President of the Hispack committee – the event aims to analyze the sector from multidisciplinary perspectives: sustainability of the life cycle, interdependence with logistics, automation & digitalization of processes and new experiences of use of the packaging.

To convene the entire packaging ecosystem, Hispack established four different tasks groups involving 45 experts in the sector. According to Xavier Pascual – Director of the event – the role of these groups is twofold: “On one hand, their mission is to define the value proposition of Hispack in each of the marked areas and, on the other hand, collaboratively build the Hispack activity program. The purpose of the program is to showcase the innovation and the knowledge of packaging, giving answers to the needs raised by the demand sectors and by very different professional profiles ”

Innovation, industry, and market converge to create an ecosystem that underlines the transversal nature of the packaging industry.

Trace Software International will be one of the actors of Hispack ecosystem together with their partner Integral PLM experts. They will welcome you at booth C385 – Hall 3 during all the event.

The company is positioned in the market with efficient tools for the professional design, sizing, and management of the electrical components of the packaging machinery.

The following software solutions will be showcased:

elec calc™   is the CAE software solution dedicated to the sizing of electrical installations, the only one in the world that allows integrating the management of high and low voltage in the same project.

elecworks™  is the electrical CAD software for automation projects and electrical installations. It provides all necessary features for the best design process for power and control schemes, cross-references, PLC’s, Terminals Strips, Panels, Reporting etc.

elecworks™ for PTC® Windchill® enables the efficient management of the product lifecycle effortlessly integrating the electrical data in the PLM system.

elecworks™ for PTC® Creo® ensure the smooth integration of the electrical schematic design from elecworks™ to the PTC® Creo® project.

Packaging machinery is a highly competitive market. Interdepartmental coordination and integration with ERP and/or PLM system are essential factors to consider when it comes to selecting a reliable software solution. These features promote the best design quality and a shorter development cycle.


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Trace Software International wins awards in China

Trace Software International, the global player within the electrical engineering since 1987, has taken part in the 15th Chinese Manufacturing Awards Event in the city of Shanghai.

The company has been named as the winner of the 2017 China’s Excellent Supplier Award, which honors and rewards the exceptional work and remarkable success of the industry experts.

elecworks™ has instead received the prize for the 2017 China’s Recommended Tool, which is praising the best-in-class software solutions.

But this is not all. In fact, our client Tellhow –  leading company operating within the power plant industry- has also won an award for the 2017 China’s Best Practice.

TellHow has adopted elecworks™ 2018, the electrical CAD software for the design of automation projects and electrical installations.

Jacky Wang, Technical Director of the Chinese Division, explains the importance of choosing the right ECAD solution.

“To succeed in the current global market, electrical system designers can no longer afford to rely on generic software. elecworks™ helps you stay ahead of the competition by automating tasks in engineering projects, for example numbering cables or creating customized documentation (including bills of material). The worldwide best-selling software solution is designed for an immediate use with no learning curve and explicit commands. It is an intelligent tool, which provides an appropriate contextual help. The software is based on a digital model representative database installation or machine, enabling simultaneous collaborative work,  while ensuring the integrity of project data.”

Hailed as the “The benchmark for the technology industry in China” the 15th Chinese  Manufacturing Awards event is a celebration to the business industry as it seeks out those whose experience, innovation and leadership help to achieve success in an increasingly challenging corporate climate.

The awards are given solely on merit and are awarded to commend those most deserving for their ingenuity and hard work, distinguishing them from their competitors.

“These awards are a testament to the skill, ingenuity, vision, and effort of the Trace Software International Chinese Team. We will continue working with the same consistency and integrity.”

Rui  Wang, Managing Director of Trace Software China


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The multi-selling points of elec calc ™

The complexity of electrical calculations is a major issue nowadays and without an appropriate software are impossible to even imagine.  elec calc™ is the CAE software solution dedicated to the sizing of electrical installations, the only one in the world that allows integrating the management of high and low voltage in the same project and in compliance with international standards (IEC, NF C 15 -100, RGIE/AREI…).

Which are the industries this software tool can be used? Which are the benefits?



elec calc™ facilitates the best design quality and shorter development time with increased productivity along with standardization. Overall design accuracy is guaranteed to ensure correct sizing of high and low voltage electrical installations.

Advantage values:

  • Exceptional calculation performance in real-time
  • Automatic sizing feature to optimize the design
  • Single-line diagrams (synoptic and folios) exploitable to the AutoCAD® format


The quality of the power supply and validation of calculations according to various international and national standards is important, that’s why elec calc™ incorporates these key requirements according to the selected standards.

Advantage values:

  • Cost reduction and energy saving on designs of installations
  • Ensures optimum sizing and verifying the installation


elec calc™ suite is composed by a range of software applications that ensures optimal sizing of the installation and proper maintenance throughout the installation’s life cycle: from design, works supervision, commissioning, operation, maintenance, and dismantling.

Advantage values:

  • Flexible editing, exporting and printing functions
  • Time-saving personalization features

Critical Facilities

It is essential to ensure the correct behavior of critical facilities such as hospitals, data processing centers or facilities in mining, with elec calc™

Advantage values:

  • Management of the geographical structure of the installation and relevant environment parameters
  • Management of operating modes to simulate and control different installation configurations (normal operation, standby, maintenance…) and guarantee security

With elec calc™ save money and reduce costly errors in the design process with the quick selection of manufacturers’ or users’ references and verification of installation sizing. This robust software offers critical calculations for factors such as earthing systems, cable ampacity, short circuit currents, thermal stresses, voltage drops and discrimination studies between protections are key, for the continuation of supply.

Discrimination Studies

A good discrimination study allows the coordination of different protections at different levels of the installation, to guarantee the continuity of supply and service within critical installations in case of failure (short circuits and overloads).

HVLV in One Solution

elec calc ™ is designed to manage installations with multiple voltage levels, both HV and LV in the same project, in alternating current for frequencies of 50 or 60 Hz. The full calculation of the installation is carried out each time a change is made to the installation.


elec calc™ is a unique electrical software which allows the use of all possible source types including UPS in all operating modes. Also, it allows the use of all possible types of receivers as well as capacitors for reactive power compensation.

Using this software solution will reduce design times for projects while simultaneously reducing project costs.

elec calc™ provides engineers, installers, developers, energy producers/distributors and manufacturers with a powerful tool for sizing electrical installations. Within the field of design and calculation, we help ensure the rapid development of your projects and high-quality electrical calculations are essential in today’s marketplace.


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Trace Sofwtare International to exhibit at Fise

Trace Software International to Exhibit at Fise in Colombia

With 30 years of experience, Trace Software International, leading company in the creation of design software solutions for the electrical engineering, is thrilled to announce that will exhibit at the 7th edition of Fise in Medellin (Colombia) on November 29th and 30th and December 1st, 2017.

Trace Software International will participate at Fise – the most important specialized event in the electrical industry in the country of Colombia.  This special fair trade offers a unique space to unlock overseas business opportunities, boost commercial exchanges and promote relationships with the different stakeholders from the international markets, especially those from Latin America and the Caribbean.

This is an excellent setting for the company to showcase its three winning software solutions: elec calc™ BIM, elecworks™ and archelios™ O&M for the buildings of today and tomorrow.

Therefore, Trace Software International will hold a technical conference on the 30th of November regarding software tools within the electrical engineering industry, exposing he company latest researches and advances in BIM and PV BIM.

Trace Software International will be welcoming you at booth RO – 066, Red Hall,  during all the trade show event.


Software Solutions for the Industry Leaders


elec calc™ BIM


elec calc BIM  stands out as the exclusive electrical design solution satisfying the upcoming BIM challenges. This is the world’s first and only calculating software that seamlessly integrates elec calc™ –  the electrical tool used in the calculation and sizing of projects – with different design platforms enabling the importation of the digital model in IFC4 format, generated by any 3D architectural software’s (Revit, Archicad…).  Several simulations can be done to compare the possible routing scenarios. The 3D model allows the detection of any conflicts. If this is case, the information is directly sent to the designer thanks to the BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) so he can fix the problem and correct his model.


These two unique features make elec calc™ BIM as the next step to fully integrate your electrical data into the BIM process.


elec calc™ BIM brings together the synergies and interoperability aimed to improve the design, reliability and safety, not forgetting the quality of the project along with the overall management of the construction.

Electrical engineers can complete all aspects of electrical design through this tool.


Thanks to the partnership with the avant-garde BIM&CO , the elec calc™ BIM user gains access to all the information and data regarding the BIM objects, amongst other benefits.

With BIM representing the essential digital revolution in the building industry, elec calc™ BIM is the unique electrical design solution aimed to those who do not want to stay behind. Discover all the advantages here elec calc BIM  or download the free trial version


elecworks™ 2018 – the latest release


elecworks™ is the innovative electrical CAD software for the design of automation projects and electrical installations. With 30 years of experience, it possible to affirm electrical engineering is in the company DNA. Available in 16 languages, elecworks™ is also the best-selling electrical CAD solution worldwide.


The latest features of elecwork™ 2018 include:


  • Automatic multi-level bridges bring automation to the next stage. It allows saving time when defining bridges for terminals that share the same equipotential.
  • Natural sort is also a considerable advantage when it comes to draw time saving
  • Automatic routing for PTC®Creo® The first ever product able to work in real time with the mechanical research department using the digital model of the 3D project. Now you also will route cables and wires by your paths and ducts.
  • Automatic integration between elecworks™ 2018 and PTC Windchill (PLM) which guarantees the integrity of your design project.


It is easy to get started. You can now learn more about this cutting-edge design software solution and download the free trial version


archelios™ O&M


This is the latest addition to the archelios™ suite, the essential 360º solution you need to manage an entire photovoltaic project. From the feasibility, profitability study, simulation and calculation of the project, to the electrical sizing, this all-in-one software solution is intended for PV installations of all types: on roofs, plants, linked to the network and on isolated sites, in self-subsistence with or without energy storage. archelios™ suite is composed by a portfolio of software solutions able to satisfy a wide array of expected needs in the photovoltaic project, reaching high levels of impeccable quality and great interactivity to gain in terms of control and productivity.


archelios™ O&M shows a unique approach on BIM for PV. This software brings all the benefits of PVBIM mock-up design to advanced PV monitoring.


More of its main unexcelled features:


  • Any data is internally and automatically attached to devices of a full 3D and electrical system description. Links are therefore exhaustive and error free.
  • Default 2 screens application always showing 2D or 3D view with permanent dynamic links between displayed data and plant structure.
  • Viewing production data in the map of the plant.
  • Thanks to the PV BIM, all data is referenced to BIM and users can import and access any document from any representation of the plant including 3D view.


You can download the free trial version




Fise will take place in Medellin (Colombia) on November 29th and 30th and December 1st, 2017.

With over 350 Colombian and international exhibitors, Fise is a high level commercial and academic event bringing together the electrical industry’s policies, trends, vision and challenges. Since the beginning and now on its seventh edition, FISE has promoted the appropriate dialog amongst energy industry members who seek new corporate and business opportunities, promoting the electrical sector in national and international markets.

Trace Software International is looking forward to welcoming you at booth RO – 066, Red Hall,  during all the fair-trade event.