Are you using the right electrical CAD software by Trace Software International

Are you using the right electrical CAD software?

Electrical CAD has been used in certain industries for many years. Some industries have always required it for their precision designs of products. However, there is a common challenge affecting many companies’ ability to compete effectively within their industries today, that is using the wrong electrical CAD software.


Characteristics of an effective electrical CAD tool

Nowadays nothing works in isolation, this being true in our increasingly connected world.  It’s no surprise that, in an engineering environment, one of the ways the effectiveness of an electrical CAD tool is measured by the extent it can interact with other processes and systems. For example, when you use a sophisticated electrical CAD tool, but find you cannot integrate this information to other parts of your product development process, this limits the effectiveness of the system and the ability to meet deadlines.


Determine your requirements

The first step is to consider your current situation. Do you already have an electrical CAD software that is outdated or underperforming? Or are you a startup business looking to invest in such a tool for the first time? The answer to this question will determine how you start your search.


If your current CAD application needs to be replaced, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which areas of the software, specifically, are resulting in a slow pace of work?
  • Is the current system awkward and expensive when it comes to running on multiple computers?
  • Is the current system too big a cost?
  • What prompted your decision to reinvest in new CAD software?
  • Do the providers of your current software offer reliable support?


If you’re new to the business, here’s what you should be asking yourself:

  • Do you want to be productive in a short period of time?
  • Do you have a budget specifically for electrical CAD software or are funds tight?
  • Do you have one or more people that will need to access the CAD software?
  • What computer hardware do you have to hand?
  • Are you going to be designing products that have both electrical and mechanical components?


By taking advantage of the many capabilities of elecworks electrical CAD offers, more industries are finding ways of using our solutions as part of their product design processes. By doing so they are getting ahead of their competitors as well as making their own processes more efficient and less time constrained.

elecworks – our world renown electrical CAD/CAE software – has been specially designed for electrical and automation projects no matter what the size. Our electrical CAD software comes with many additional modules that can be further used to integrate the process design with other software and departments within companies.

Using our software reduces costly errors in the design process with quick selection of manufacturers’ references.  By using simulation and measurement capabilities to calculate the amount of material used in a product before it is constructed – keeps costs down.

elecworks™ allows you to use different kind of workflows according your engineering needs and further allows the ability for multiple users to concurrently access the same project. This feature ensures more efficiency during the working cycle thus reducing runtimes.

Our solutions are flexible, innovative and precise that enable faster project development while applying highest quality standards.

Written by James Glass



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Trace Software will exhibit at Elec Expo in Marocco

Elec Expo Fair Event in Casablanca

Trace Software International, leading company in the creation of design software solutions for the electrical engineering for 30 years, is thrilled to announce that will exhibit at the 11th edition of Elec Expo in Casablanca (Morocco),  4th – 7th October 2017.

Elec Expo is the International Exhibition of Electricity, Lighting, Electrical Engineering and Industrial Automation. This is the essential and international rendezvous where the various professional players, customers, prospects, competitors, prescribers and institutional investors will meet to choose partners and seek solutions.

Ready to shape the future of the industry, Trace Software International will showcase its three leading star software solutions: elec calc™ BIM, elecworks™ and archelios™ O&M for the factories and buildings of today and tomorrow.

Trace Software International will be welcoming you at booth J31 during all the trade show event.


Software Solutions for the Building Industry Leaders


elec calc™ BIM

 elec calc™ BIM stands out as the exclusive electrical design solution satisfying the upcoming BIM challenges. This is the world’s first calculating software that seamlessly integrates elec calc™-  the electrical tool used in sizing projects – with different design platforms such as Revit or ArchiCAD and any other architectural 3D BIM software. elec calc™ BIM is the next step to fully integrate your electrical data into the BIM process.

elec calc™ BIM foments synergies and interoperability aimed to improve the design reliability and safety, the quality of the project and the overall management of the construction.

Electrical engineers can complete all aspects of electrical design including power and lighting, fire alarm, communications, security systems, and other building services in a single environment.

BIM is shaping the future of the construction industry. Therefore, we have teamed up the avant-garde BIM&CO – the professional community where the users can publish quality objects and manufactures can publish construction product data, making the platform a unique source for all BIM objects and data used in the digital mock-up projects. elec calc™ BIM user gains access to all the information and data regarding the BIM objects, amongst other benefits.

With BIM representing the essential digital revolution in the building industry, elec calc™ BIM is the unique electrical design solution aimed to those who do not want to stay behind. Discover all the advantages here: elec calc BIM


elecworks™ 2018 – the latest release


elecworks™ is the new generation electrical CAD software for the design of automation projects and electrical installations. With 30 years of experience, it possible to affirm electrical engineering is in the company DNA. Available in 16 languages, elecworks™ is also the best-selling electrical CAD solution worldwide.

The latest features of elecwork™ 2018 include:


  • Automatic multi-level bridges bring automation to the next stage. It allows saving time when defining bridges for terminals that share the same equipotential.
  • Natural sort is also a considerable advantage when it comes to draw time saving
  • Automatic routing for PTC®Creo® The first ever product able to work in real time with the mechanical research department using the digital model of the 3D project. Now you also will route cables and wires by your paths and ducts.
  • Automatic integration between elecworks™ 2018 and PTC Windchill (PLM) which guarantees the integrity of your design project.

It is easy to get started. You can now learn more about this cutting-edge design software solution and download a 30-day free trial version


archelios™ O&M


This is the last addition to the archelios™ suite, the 360º solution you need to manage the entire photovoltaic project. Feasibility and profitability study, simulation, calculation of the producible, electrical sizing until the building details, this all in one software solution is intended for PV installations of all types: on roofs, plants, linked to the network and on isolated sites, in self-subsistence with or without energy storage. This tool is composed by a portfolio of software solutions able to satisfy a wide array of expected needs in the photovoltaic project reaching high levels of impeccable quality and great interactivity to gain in terms of control and productivity.


archelios™ O&M shows a unique approach on BIM for PV. This software brings all the benefits of PVBIM mock-up design to advanced PV monitoring.


More of its main unexcelled features:


  • any data is internally and automatically attached to devices of a full 3D and electrical system description. Links are thus exhaustive and error free.
  • Default 2 screens application always showing 2D or 3D view with permanent dynamic links between displayed data and plant structure.
  • Viewing production data in the map of the plant.
  • Thanks to the PV BIM, all data is referenced to BIM and users can import and access any document from any representation of the plant including 3D view.




Elec Expo will take place in Casablanca International Fairgrounds- OFEC from 4th – 7th October 2017.

This fair event, with a remarkable international character, is part of The FENELEC trade fairs (Elec expo, EneR Event, Tronica Expo) which in the last 2016 edition attracted no less than 7133 professional visitors from 33 different nationalities.

With an exhibition space of over 7,000 m², where 205 exhibitors from 17 countries will present their expertise, the fair event declares itself as an unmissable hub of the electrical, electronical and sustainable energy industries.

Moreover, Morocco is the only country on the continent to be connected to the European network, particularly the trio France-Spain-Portugal.

Trace Software International is looking forward to welcoming you at booth J31 during all the trade show event.



Trace Software 30th Anniversary


Trace Software International to Celebrate its 30 years of Success

Trace Software International, leading company in the creation of software solutions for the electrical installations, will celebrate its 30TH Birthday in Barcelona, 22 July 2017.

It has always been very challenging for companies to get launched, gain engagement, make profits, and especially find a sustainable way to survive in the massively competitive market, but Trace Software International succeeded in all of this for 30 years.  They proudly announce they will celebrate this unique happening in Barcelona. The event, dedicated to the company organization, represents a special occasion to celebrate their 30 years of success in the market and to reward the global efforts which brought the company to a leading and winning position in the international scenario.




Industrial engineer with a PhD in Business Administration, Pedro Puig is the bold and ambitious entrepreneur who started it all. Back in the 1984 he was the first Spanish reseller for Autodesk in Spain.  A pioneer with a visionary mindset, genuinely committed to his everlasting passion – engineering – Pedro has been unleashing the potential of technology and anticipating the industry trends since the early years.

Out of the comfort zone and ready to face the challenges of the increasingly competitive world of design software technology, CEO Pedro Puig, decided to take the risk and jumped on to the next level. In the 1987, he proudly founded Aceri Trace Software.

Since its creation, Aceri Trace Software has developed and distributed software tools to enable their clients to increase productivity and achieve maximum potential. The CAD design tool for the creation of electrical projects, Electrical Designer, had been Aceri Trace Software’s sole development focus. It used to be distributed in over 40 countries, over 5 continents and translated into 14 languages.

Pedro Puig - Trace Software's CEO



Before talking about the great turning point in 2008, we need to throw it back at 1989, the year when Pedro Puig met Etienne Mullie.

French based, he possessed a great passion for engineering and a massive dedication to the industry, apart from a deep level of expertise.  Along their journey they have been friends, they have been collaborators and, at certain times, also competitors.

A turning point was in 2008, which represented a very decisive year in Aceri Trace Software history.

The overall market scenario showed a massive growth potential and CEO Pedro Puig leading software’ solutions were already selling in some countries of Europe, Asia and America through different channels.

Pedro’s international vision- much more than just a dream-  has been a true mission since the early times of the company, which pushed him to make the next step. Finally, the right time had come. Both CEO, Pedro Puig and Etienne Mullie, decided to put together their resources with a clear objective in mind: being the key players in the electrical software engineering industry.

A fortunate decision that changed their professional lives forever. After the merger Aceri Trace Software was renamed as Trace Software International.

2008 is the year of the turning point: Trace Software International started the International conquering. A mission that has been accomplished.

Nowadays Trace Software International counts with a worldwide presence: they have offices in France, Spain, Morocco and China as well as an international network of distributors or authorized partners.

During this exciting journey, there have been many changes. Nowadays Trace Software International is part of Groupe Trace. This giant includes TraceParts, as a world-leading digital engineering 3D content company, Cythelia as an independent research firm in new energy technologies, specializing in photovoltaics, BIM&CO as a free, cloud based, collaborative platform dedicated to BIM Content amongst the most relevant and Green Systèmes as an innovating company which main purpose is to help professionals optimize the energy performance of their buildings and equipment.

Trace Software International vision is to guarantee their customers‘ satisfaction, enhancing and innovating their solutions and services.

“I have always been confident in my vision. When a company knows what it stands for and where it is going, it can focus on its people and resources assuming great clarity and integrity in a range of decisions” affirms CEO Pedro Puig.




Trace Software International –TSI- is a successful company committed to the development of software solutions and services for industry engineering, with a unique expertise in the design of electrical installations.

TSI manufacture and edit software solutions which allow to conceive, calculate, realize, handle and simulate. Its offer covers all the needs of the business manager from the production including the follow-up and the usage of the installations. Typically, their customers are within activity sectors like OEMs and machinery, automation and plant, energy and power generation, construction and aerospace.

With a double expertise, both technological and engineering-focused, thousands of relevant partners in the industry have increased their profitability and assured company safety standards through Trace Software International cutting-edge solutions:


  • elecworks™ the new generation electrical CAD design software for automation projects and electrical installations with a unique ergonomics quality.
  • elec calc™ the software package that enables the calculation of low voltage and high voltage electrical installations in real-time.
  • archelios™ offers powerful, innovative and easy-to-use photovoltaic software that facilitates PV projects from planning to operations and maintenance.

Trace Software Solutions

To appear amongst the best companies and to face the challenges of tomorrow, Trace Software International absolute priority is the constant investment into innovation. As an approved “Innovative Company” by OSEO, they massively invest in Research & Development, developing their own kernels software and working in collaboration with their customers to produce innovative solutions, disrupt habits and anticipate future needs.  In their own words “They make their customers win by designing innovative software products and this translates into giving them decisive advantages in terms of safety and profitability”


Enthusiast, passionate, unstoppable Trace Software International talents are ready to celebrate their well-deserved 30 years of success and they promise best is still to come.


Celebrating the opening of first elecworks™ intelligent electrical design teaching center of Hangzhou-Xiaoshan, China.

Trace Software International, leading company in the creation of design software solutions for the electrical engineering, is thrilled to announce that last Wednesday June 14, 2017 the first “elecworks™ intelligent electrical design teaching center” of Hangzhou- Xiaoshan in Zhejiang, province of China, has been inaugurated.

The Hangzhou- Xiaoshan Technician Institute will proudly host the first elecworks™ intelligent electrical design teaching center of Zhejiang, province of China.

Dr. Pedro Puig, CEO of Trace Software International, said that the choice of the Hangzhou- Xiaoshan Technician Institute as the first elecworks™ intelligent electrical design teaching center, is excellent. They aim to share the advanced experience of western intelligent control and the innovation of technology with teachers and students.

The Hangzhou- Xiaoshan Technician Institute has chosen elecworks™ as the most suitable tool for training the future leading generation of electrical engineers.

elecworks™ is an electrical CAD system designed for design professionals in engineering. The software is based on a digital model representative database installation or machine. This database allows to work on different views, depending on project needs, while ensuring the integrity of project data. It also allows the simultaneous collaborative work on the same project.

Some of the main advantages of the interactive elecworks™ are:

  • Multi- users simultaneous access in the same project
  • An exceptional simplicity of use
  • Enables the partial or complete automatic creation of a project
  • Electrical content portal
  • Open and communicating product built on a database
  • New way to design with the wiring diagram
  • Integration with the 3D CAD

elecworks electrical design CAD

Mr. Xuhongping, President of Hangzhou- Xiaoshan Technician Institute and Mr. Wu Hongxia, Vice President have hosted Dr. Pedro PUIG, CEO of Trace Software international and Mr. Rui Wan, General Manager of China. They have been very glad to attend the opening ceremony, all together with the teachers and with the students of the Department of Intelligent Control.

The project is very promising; however, these are not Trace Software International’ first steps in the educational field.

The first center of China was set up in Tsinghua University since March 2014 after satisfactory tests and validating new 2D and 3D unification options brought by elecworks™ to the electromechanical arena.

The Hangzhou- Xiaoshan Technician Institute is the first center in Zhejiang Province. The reason of adopting elecworks™ is that the students here are interested in practice and the teachers prefer to teach as per the requirements of enterprises.

Learning by doing is the teaching method for active learning, adopted in the best educational institutions around the world. It is not just a trend, it is a real-life, strategic and favorable simulation-  teaching method.

Trace Software proposes an Academy Offer available worldwide which is perfectly adaptable to the market ‘needs.

elecworks™, already trusted by more than thirty thousand professionals worldwide, can also be used as a strategic tool for teaching purposes. In fact, the software solution offers a hands-on approach, essential to get accurate knowledge of the design process. To facilitate the use of its software range at school, Trace Software International proposes specific licenses allowing easy installations for both teachers and students.

Trace Software Hangzhou Meeting

Hangzhou- Xiaoshan Technician Institute