Do you need alphabetical order in your BOM?

You can have the following case:

Step 0.1

Step 0.2

It happens because you have done a manual numbering, and the report is sorted by Root and Number fields. Double click on the symbol in order to check its properties:

Step 0.3

Step 0.4

To obtain an alphabetical order you have to set Automatic Mode and force component Mark using Root and Number fields. You can type in the fields or use the buttons on the right:

Step 0.5

Step 0.6

After that you have to set Manual Mode in order to avoid unwanted changes when renumbering:

Step 0.7

Step 0.8

This is the result:

Step 0.9

Using this method you can get an alphabetical order in your elecworks BOM.

Note: elecworks version used 2016 SP3


Creating electrical project templates – elecworks tips and tricks



You want to speed your design starting from a custom electrical project template ready with personalized locations, BOM? You cannot find project template that fits your needs in elecworks?


Here’s how to create your custom project templates. This manipulation once defined can save you a lot of time later by offering your custom list of project templates when creating a new project.


Create a custom template project.

Création d'un modèle personnalisé

You can create custom project templates to include your personalized locations, BOM, drawing template…

– Create a new project from the templates provided in elecworks

Gestionnaire de projets dans elecworks

– Open it and customize it as you wish

– Add folders to sort your drawing files

Ajout de dossiers au projet

– Add specific location formulas for your components, cables, terminals…

Vos formules de repères particulières

– Customize your drawing template by incorporating your company logo and your customers’ logos.

– Change the equipotential formulas as you see fit.
Once all these changes have been done, close the project file, select it from the Project Manager window, then use the command “save as template”.

Enregistrer un modèle personnalisé

Nom du modèle personnalisé

– When creating the next new project, your project template will appear in the list.

Liste des modèles

How to show information legibly from multiple attributes in BOM reports – Elecworks tips and tricks

This Tip & Trick shows how to put legible information for multiple attributes in BOM reports.


As shown a long string in an attribute could be a bit clumsy in reports. Thanks to multiple attributes option, the information can be split onto several lines in the scheme by placing the pipe character “|” in the string.

Affichage des attributs multiples dans elecworks


As this character is saved in the tables too, the pipe character “|” is displayed also in reports when they are generated as drawings, making it difficult to read.

Lisibilité des attributs multiples dans elecworks


With this tip, the final result will be easier to read, without that character.

Attributs multiples dans elecworks


To do this, 3 things must be done
1) The character pipe “|” must be included in the field while paying attention to spaces. It will be the splitter for each line
For example “Main|cabinet”, has no space in between the words Main and Cabinet.

Attributs multiples dans elecworks


2) Symbol with multiple attributes
With the command Multiple attributes, any attribute can be converted to be displayed on multiple lines with this command, with as many lines as needed. You can also specify the distance between the lines.

La commande Attributs multiples dans elecworks


3) Remove the character “|” in reports
The reports must be edited in expert mode and the column with the pipe characters is modified with the SQL clause REPLACE, for example for the column for location description
tew_translatedtext_loc_to.tra_0 AS loc_des_to

The new syntax, to replace the pipe character with a space, will be
REPLACE(tew_translatedtext_loc_to.tra_0, ]]|[[, ]] [[) AS loc_des_to

nouvelle syntaxe dans elecworks

In the report manager, the result will be as seen below:

Gestionnaire de nomenclatures dans elecworks

And in the reports generated as drawings it will be as shown below:

Affichage des attributs multiples dans elecworks