Sustainability as a competitive advantage for packaging machinery manufacturers

Is it possible to apply the concept of sustainability to the technology of packaging machinery?

When we talk about sustainability in the packaging world, we think directly of the final phase, that of the product at the end of the consumption cycle. Automatically, our thinking addresses the recycling process or waste disposal, forgetting an important part of the value chain.

The latest trend in machinery manufacturers – OEMs-, in terms of sustainability,  is the concentration of efforts on products and services that minimize negative environmental impacts, such as consumption of packaging materials, energy, CO2 emissions, and water during the production phase.

In the analysis of the packaging production process, one of the biggest variable costs is that of materials. Therefore, the use of machines that allow the waste reduction, including that of materials, represents an interesting and strategic investment for the company that allows it to maintain a competitive position in the market.

It is clear that sustainability is a real challenge for the global packaging industry. While retailers and manufacturers can significantly save on the cost of packaging waste, consumers also have a fairly strong influence on their consumption choices. These forces of the packaging machinery market oblige to include sustainability as a strategic factor in corporate planning.

The trend of the global packaging industry is to move towards greater sustainability. The forces in the market define the future of the industry. In fact, retailers and manufacturers can make significant savings by reducing the costs associated with packaging waste. Consumers have a fairly strong influence on their consumption choices.

As mentioned in Walter Soroka’s Fundamentals of Packaging Technology, automated packaging machinery, and packaging lines offer a number of sustainability benefits. From an economic standpoint, automation enables CPG and contract packagers to achieve the throughput volume and consistency they need to be competitive. Advanced automation systems collect and apply real-time data about the performance of individual machines and entire packaging lines. Programmable control devices, feedback circuits, and servo drives can adjust performance without interrupting packaging operations. As a result, operational problems can be headed off, and the waste of packaging materials, energy, and labor from equipment and line malfunction can be reduced. Automation can also reduce time and costs associated with change parts.

Trace Software International is positioned in the market with reliable tools for the efficient design and management of the electrical components of the packaging machinery.

elecworks™ is the electrical drawing software for automation projects and electrical installations.  It provides all necessary features for the best design process for power and control schemes, cross-references, PLC’s, Terminals Strips, Panels, Reporting etc.

The use of this software allows designing automation processes able to reduce production errors, costs and time. These benefits immediately translate into a reduction of negative environmental impacts.


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